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Month: October 2014

7 Simple Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

Even the best email marketers can end up making mistakes. These simple errors can get your emails flagged as spam and you could end up getting blacklisted. Therefore, before you
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Humanizing Big Data

Many businesses have a wrong interpretation of big data. The data and information being collected from connected devices hold a lot of potential. Keeping this in mind, technology platforms emphasize
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7 Awful Email Marketing Tactics That People Still Use

Being a marketer, you will come across various tips and tricks that claim to benefit you in one way or another. After an in-depth analysis, you will come to realize
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8 Ways to Take Your Email Newsletter to the Next Level

Most marketers are nervous about email newsletters as it could turn out to be a hot frazzled mess or an information overload if they are not focused. The goal here
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Copywriting Tips for Email Marketing That Will Define Your Success

Copywriting in your emails is an integral part of your marketing success. Moreover, you have to keep in mind such an approach needs to be personal. When you’re writing an
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