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Month: February 2015

Personalization, A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

Personalization is one of the major aspects in shaping future of Digital Marketing. According to industry sources, it was revealed that by the year of 2016, around 89% of marketers
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Data Governance is Advancing Successful Roadmap for Big Data Firms

Big Data governance plays a vital role in firms for gaining success. Big Data technology is gradually growing day-by-day with ever challenging trends and technologies. The term “Big Data” we
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Invigorate Your Email Marketing Campaign with 2015's Top Trends

Below are some tactics that will help to  revive your email marketing strategies: 1. Make your campaigns mobile friendly Mobile has made a revolutionary change in the today’s digital market.
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Instructions to Expand Your Email Marketing Database

Database plays a vital role in an organization. Every organization aims to increase their customers by offering best email marketing services. It is a sad fact, but your email marketing
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How to Buy a Qualitative Segmented Email List

Data is powerful asset for any organization. Legitimate email vendors provide excellent opt-in email marketing lists that meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of marketing customers worldwide. Email marketers
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Step-by-step process to create data-driven Email Marketing Campaign

In the first half of 2013, data-driven marketing increased by a staggering 227%. About 90% of respondents agreed that use of segmentation and targeting strategies is crucial to their digital
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