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Month: December 2015

How to Create Engaging Email Content

Email marketing certainly isn’t the best inbound strategy in the world of marketing. However, when integrated with engaging content, it can prove to be the best inbound channel for internet
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Improve Your Email Marketing Response Rate with Simple Hacks

Email marketers are constantly looking out for ways to increase open and response rates to boost their ROI. Constantly testing out email campaigns and improving on the shortcoming can help
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A Simple Guide to a Winning Email Campaign

Among the avalanche of emails that throng your subscriber’s inbox, you want your emails to stand out. A good email campaign can increase your cost-effectiveness, strengthen your relationship with the
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Creating the Right Email Marketing Campaign for Your Audience

Writing an email marketing strategy is essential, but the most important part is to create one that could help you drive better results. It makes sense, right? When you send
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10 Tips for Cheertastic B2B Christmas Email Campaigns – Part II

In our previous post, we outlined a few actionable tips on B2B Christmas Email Campaigns to spike your holiday season sales. Leveraging on – starting out early, micro-targeting, and buying
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Using Segmentation in Email Marketing for Pinpoint Targeting

We’ve talked before about the importance of segmentation in email marketing. In order to truly amplify the effectiveness of your email marketing for pinpoint targeting, you need to segment your
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