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Month: June 2016

Tips to Successfully Integrate Email Marketing With Social Media

In the age of social media, it becomes quite significant for you, as an email marketing company, to focus on critical issues related to social media marketing. Also, it’s very
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How Online Fashion Retailers Can Harness the Power of Email marketing

You might think that emails might be going straight to the junk folder when you receive it from online fashion retailers, but the stats say otherwise. Customers who visit your
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Email Marketing Stats 2016 Proves – Niche Isn’t Dead Yet

Receiving emails are the new reason to groan as all of us are inundated with emails. An average person receives approximately 120 emails a day while the human race as
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Make Use of Targeted Mailing Lists for Brand Promotion

Segmentation is an important part of every successful email marketing campaign. In fact, a majority of brands are now turning to targeted mailing lists for brand promotion. Don’t believe us?
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Safe Harbor Is Long Gone – Privacy Shield Finally Being Approved?

Recently, the data world has been full of chatter about replacing Safe Harbor with a new and improved program called Privacy Shield. This handshake agreement has yet to be approved,
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How Successful are Father’s Day Email Campaigns?

Did you know that Father’s Day email campaigns have a lower open rate than general emails? We didn’t. This raises the question – should marketers prepare for the upcoming holiday?
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Growth of Data Licensing in IT Industry

For an IT marketer, there is nothing as important as Data. In fact, they prefer calling data as wealth. Webinar campaigns and emails heavily depend on email marketing and online
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An Email List Segmentation Checklist

Email list segmentation is the most important part of email marketing. Without segmentation, you cannot devise a proper marketing strategy, or study your email metrics. Without segmentation, your target audience
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How to Conduct Successful Father’s Day Email Marketing Campaigns

Father’s day is coming soon and on that note, we want to share some Father’s day email marketing tips that can do wonders, especially for last minute shoppers. There are
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