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Double Opt-In for the Best Email Marketing

Double opt-in is a term often used in correlation with your email list. It is used to describe the practice of having people confirm their subscription to your email list
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Unique College Recruitment Strategies create Personalized Email Marketing Opportunities

When it comes to college recruitment, colleges and universities all face similar problems. They want to recruit the maximum number of students, while maintaining a modest budget. This can be
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Mailing List Rentals

The Ins and Outs of Mailing List Rentals

Why should your company consider renting an email mailing list? There are a variety of reasons. Email marketing is one of the most lucrative digital marketing channels, offering higher ROI
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Images for email marketing

Discover 3 Tips to Design Images for Your Email Marketing Content

Want to increase the click-through rates in your emails? Ifso, think about adding images to your emails. Emails with images receive 42%higher clicks than emails without images. Images naturally are
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Customised Email Marketing for Canada

Personalized Email Marketing for Canadians

At FrescoData, we have a global perspective. We understand that marketing to different markets can be challenging, which is why we are working to simplify the process for our customers.
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Why You Should Re-Engage Your Old Mailing List

In email marketing, one of the biggest myths is that a bigger email mailing list will land you better results. In some cases, this is true, but that depends on
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Tips for Reaching Out to Potential Event Sponsors with a B2B Mailing List

Event sponsors are important to your events. They can be the difference between a profitable event or not. Sponsors are important because they signal to both event attendees and your
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How to Repair a Bad Email Sender Reputation

In email marketing, delivering an email and getting strong email ROI is not as simple as it seems. It takes a lot more than just pressing send on your email
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The Best Email Marketing with Video Content

Videos are extremely popular in 2019. It is the fastest growing form of content on the Internet. This phenomenon has many marketers wondering how to incorporate it into their email
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The Brain, Your Name and the Best Email Marketing

The way our brains work is fascinating. Different stimuli affect us in different ways. These stimuli cause specific brain patterns, and this leads to the behaviors we experience in everyday
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Improve Email ROI With Cart Abandonment Emails

Improve Email ROI with Cart Abandonment Emails

As many marketers know, cart abandonment is a real problem. According to industry reports, over 75% of carts were abandoned by customers in 2018. In an attempt to squash this
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Create More Email ROI with Email Deliverability

Create More Email ROI with Email Deliverability

No one wants the emails they send out to be marked as spam, especially email marketers. This can be extremely damaging for their email ROI. Understandably, they are insulted when
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