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Tag: Better Email Marketing

3 Brands That Use Email Marketing to Make Communication More Alive and Playful

Marketing talks these days revolve around two subjects – 1.) The impending demise of the old-fashioned email marketing, and 2.) The rise of social media marketing. The first one will
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5 Must-Know Sites to Get Images for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Even though you may have spent a lot of time coming up with effective content for your email marketing campaigns, you cannot ignore the importance of its visual appeal. Since
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Relevant Email Marketing: Recipe for Tasteful Marketing Campaign

When an individual subscribes to your email database, he/she expects something of value in return. Being able to deliver on these expectations is absolutely necessary if you wish to keep
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Email Marketing Can Be More Fruitful Using Better Data

Proficient use of big data can help make email marketing campaigns attain a certain level of efficiency, says one prominent industry figure. Here are a few steps that one should
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