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Tag: Effective Email Marketing


The Brain, Your Name and the Best Email Marketing

The way our brains work is fascinating. Different stimuli affect us in different ways. These stimuli cause specific brain patterns, and this leads to the behaviors we experience in everyday
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In a world of Ads, is email marketing still the king?

There has been a lot of buzz around online ads in the last couple of years, and even though this new-ish marketing tool has proven to produce results, it has
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How to Improve on your Email Performance Metrics

Why are email performance metrics important? They are the real slices of authentication that help you measure the efficiency and effectiveness of email marketing campaign. Lack of standardization around campaign
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Relevant Email Marketing: Recipe for Tasteful Marketing Campaign

When an individual subscribes to your email database, he/she expects something of value in return. Being able to deliver on these expectations is absolutely necessary if you wish to keep
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How to Generate More Prospects with Most Effective Email Marketing

Even though email marketing may not get the attention that you were hoping for in comparison to the newer tools available out there, it is still the best way for
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