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Discover the unique strategy of our Outbound Email Marketing supercharged with data driven digital campaigns for Brand Awareness and Lead Generation. FrescoData is the single-source solution for your data and digital marketing needs.

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Digital Starts with Data...

What is the one thing most digital marketing agencies don’t have? The data.

FrescoData’s campaigns all start with the data. It’s like adding fuel to a fire in your marketing funnel. Rather than sitting back and waiting on results, we start with highly-targeted, quality prospects and load them into the campaign up front. Then, we allow the intelligence within our technologies to drive the campaign based on conversions as they happen in real time. We provide detailed reporting and analytics to track ROI for each activity so you can see the results for yourself.

No one can touch what we are doing with data + digital. Let’s connect and build out a strategy for your brand.


Define Target Audience

FrescoData works with you to find out the exact target you want to reach. We ask the right questions and tailor an audience for your campaign.


Plan Email Drip Campaigns

We then take your tailored list and craft highly-actionable content that aligns with what the target audience wants. FrescoData will plan a series of campaign emails to go out each month and constantly monitor performance. Our goal is to make sure your audience receives messages packed with content that they will be excited to open and act on.


Campaign Analysis

We analyze each campaign’s performance to prepare for the next phase of marketing. These results help us fine-tune your campaigns with greater accuracy and increase ROI. This step is critical to the ongoing success of your digital marketing campaigns.


Target Email Campaign Prospects Digitally

We recommend regularly nurturing these prospects to help showcase your brand’s value through a variety of content like blog posts, special offers, downloads and much more. Continue to serve your target audience on multiple channels with curated content they love!

Paid Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Google Ads
  • Retargeting


  • On CMS Platforms:
  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • etc.


  • SEO
  • CRO
  • E-commerce


  • Newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Landing Pages


ROI Monitoring

FrescoData evaluates all marketing campaigns to optimize the overall budget for best ROI. We will assess and double down on the marketing channels that are performing the best.

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Our Data + Digital Services

Email Marketing

Still the highest ROI in digital marketing.

Email marketing is a powerful way of targeting prospects and generating qualified leads for your business. With over a decade of experience in this space, our targeted email marketing services have one of the highest click-through rates in the industry.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Let marketing automation do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Easily nurture leads and qualify them faster
  • Follow customer journeys and track their responses
  • Analyze campaigns for growth and trends


Effortless content management is just a mouse click away.

  • Host and manage your content such as emails, blogs and landing pages
  • Track performance to ensure that your content helps you reach specific campaign goals
  • Optimize your content for better results on multiple devices to provide the best experience for your audience


Easily follow campaign progress and trends.

  • Evaluate performance data from your entire marketing funnel
  • Monitor your marketing assets for developing smarter strategies by filtering data to get detailed reports.

Amazon PPC

Dominate the competitive Amazon marketplace with winning optimization strategies.

  • Optimize your account, including monitoring, branding, and content
  • Publicize and promote your brand and products across multiple channels
  • Implement proven strategies that work best for your brand and products

Paid Media

Run ads that get attention and inspire action from your target audience.

  • Research and determine the best keywords for search engines
  • Segment your customers to pinpoint how to reach them and meet their needs.


Build a creative online brand and expand your market.

  • Develop and implement marketing strategies that increase brand awareness and urge audience action.
  • Build a website that tells your story and generates leads
  • Monitoring and optimize your campaigns to ensure higher ROI

Website Design

Create or revamp a fresh site that generates leads.

  • Create designs using content and keywords that generate leads
  • Build a website specific to your business needs
  • Track and optimize your site to guarantee best results.

Lead Generation

Feed your hungry sales team high quality leads.

  • Develop and implement a full sales funnel.
  • Strategize to identify your highest converting prospects and draw them into the sales funnel.


Increase your authority in search.

  • Drive potential clients directly to your website with targeted keywords.
  • Optimize keywords and content to put you at the top of organic searches.


Paid media management and support to ensure the highest ROI.

  • Always understand your paid media performance with ongoing testing, optimization and reviews.
  • Identify high-converting targets that will drive revenue.

Social Media

Continue the conversation with your prospects on their favorite social sites.

  • LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram social media campaign development and execution.
  • Identify the best platforms to attract your ideal audience and optimize and measure the campaign performance.


Unlock unprecedented growth with ads served to your most engaged prospects.

  • Re-engage targets from website visits and email clicks with display ads wherever your prospects visit.
  • Campaigns powered by data and machine learning to constantly and automatically optimize the spend.


Engage your audience and generate leads through content.

  • Develop and implement a content strategy with relevant and valuable information your prospects crave.
  • Execute inbound and outbound content campaigns that generate qualified leads for your sales team.

Inbound Marketing

Attract and nurture the right audience.

Attract more traffic and generate leads with promoted content that appeals to them. When you shift your marketing strategy away from selling, you begin to attract a very niche and qualified group of people.


Enable your website visitors to take action and enter your sales funnel.

  • Identify how your visitors interact with your website and optimize the design for conversion.
  • Test, experiment and analyze the results in an ongoing process for continual growth.


Because your brand matters.

  • Add resources to your team with our creative services to support all campaign activity in a way that best represents your brand.
  • Provide support for landing page design & development, email creative, social media banner ads, and sales enablement materials.

Agency Services

We help brands build growth engines to create a predictable and repeatable stream of new leads, customers.

Case Study: The HR Digest

The HR Digest came to FrescoData for a complete overhaul of its existing digital marketing strategy. The publication wanted to help drive site traffic to a revamped website, increase SEO rankings, build brand awareness and create engaging content across multiple social platforms.

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