Automotive Industry Email Lists

Automotive Industry Total Contacts

With Emails: 89,620
With Postal & Phones: 644,058

FrescoData drives to deliver the best of the automotive industry executive email list to its clients. For a marketer, the formative step to a successful Automotive direct email marketing campaign is gearing up with an absolutely thorough email marketing list of automotive industry executives. So, FrescoData is where a marketer discovers an appropriate medium of giving the right meaning to his business: accessing the up-to-date email marketing list of executives from the Automotive industry. With premium data of automotive executives, FrescoData strives to ensure that these are licensed from authenticated sources such as automotive Industry magazines subscribers’ databases, automotive Industry association members, auto Industry trade shows and exhibitions and more.

All the automotive email marketing lists on FrescoData’s databases are opt-in and legally comply with each Country’s marketing regulations.

FrescoData’s auto email list yields maximum ROI for a marketer, mainly because FrescoData helps reach the right audience, including demographic, title and industry attributes, along with other standard fields such as first name, last name, email address, job titles, phone number, fax number, postal address etc.

FrescoData Accelerates Marketing Campaigns

FrescoData’s dedicated team of data researchers are the backbone of our business, as they help us stay at the forefront of providing targeted lists. Our data analysts verify every record, making a unique, accurate, and different list. Accessing the information of these automotive Industry executives in a customized manner is an advantage for the marketer, for FrescoData simplifies its lists for successful automotive email marketing deliverability.

The list is updated periodically, supported by a complete update every six months. FrescoData’s automotive email lists allow marketers to conduct successful email marketing campaigns, making us a one-stop data shop.

Segmentation of Automotive contacts by Country

Country Email Phone &
Direct Mail
Argentina 3,088 26,192
Australia 7,233 56,449
Bahrain 323 1,695
Belgium 3,338 27,289
Brazil 25,730 192,499
Canada 16,822 125,771
Chile 1,213 11,775
China 31,540 228,785
Colombia 2,531 16,288
Denmark 1,235 11,941
Egypt 1,735 10,480
Finland 837 3,924
France 13,010 97,169
Germany 16,281 123,238
Hong Kong 727 2,389
India 51,236 376,946
Indonesia 8,703 60,619
Ireland 1,436 8,298
Italy 9,056 67,571
Japan 2,287 15,242
Kuwait 627 3,119
Malaysia 2,883 22,512
Mexico 13,266 95,383
Netherlands 6,799 48,180
New Zealand 1,520 9,643
Peru 1,075 9,310
Philippines 2,349 18,611
Poland 3,024 23,536
Russia 7,573 57,474
Saudi Arabia 1,807 12,462
Singapore 1,060 7,011
South Africa 6,383 48,786
South Korea 1,733 14,117
Spain 7,934 56,459
Switzerland 1,620 10,372
Taiwan 549 5,235
Thailand 1,921 12,570
Turkey 9,010 66,506
UAE 3,239 22,187
UK 24,140 178,419
USA 50,124 368,096
Venezuela 1,547 12,756
Vietnam 732 3,884
Total 349,276 2,571,188

Our automotive email list is offered to marketers at cost-effective pricing. Being in the business of providing up-to-date email marketing lists, FrescoData substantiates that it is crucial to keep abreast with the latest moves in the industry and, therefore, constantly update and compile email lists useful for each business.