Frescodata’s story began on two continents, North America and Asia. We established ourselves in 2005 with a vision to change the way the data world works.

We strive to offer truly global databases that empower our clients and partners to create additional value for their products and services with a universe of 3.5 billion+ records in 60+ countries.

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Do your questions still need to be answered? Please take a look at our FAQ page and scroll down to find answers intended to give a broader perspective on how FrescoData works in offering extended solutions to your concerns.

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Spam Compliance

FrescoData recognizes the need to have global conduct guidelines set that comply with the obligatory ethics in our business to prevent the ever-increasing spam flood.

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Why FrescoData

Since its inception in 2005, FrescoData has been driven by one single mission: to create an innovative world of error-free global database of marketing lists.

Find out what makes FrescoData remain a trusted leader among top-notch companies in the world.

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