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Direct Mail Marketing

Email Marketing and Mailing List


Direct Mail Marketing is still the purest form of marketing a business can adopt for B2B and B2C marketing. FrescoData is here to help you maximize your sales and profits through high-converting direct mail marketing campaigns. Whether you want to reach out to new customers or fortify your relationship with current customers, we guarantee you that using our mailing list services and our direct mail marketing services will grow your customer base tremendously.
Specialty Mailing and Email Lists


All the lists on FrescoData’s databases are opt-in and have been legally compiled according to each country’s marketing regulations.

At FrescoData, we know that the success of direct response marketing hinges on the quality of a mailing list. We maintain the most updated business and consumer direct mail marketing databases for 175+ countries and offer the change of address cleansing for each order before delivering the data to make sure that you are reaching each prospect at the correct mailing address.

We offer the following types of direct mail marketing lists:

  • Global Consumer Mailing Lists with Multiple Demographics.
  • Global Business Mailing Lists with Country, Job Function and Industry Segmentation.
  • Industry Magazine Subscribers Mailing Lists
  • Global Frequent Flyers Mailing Lists
  • Worldwide Expatriate (Expats) Direct Mail Lists
Email Marketing and Mailing List


Every time you procure our direct mail marketing services, you have the guarantee that you will target your customers much better than any of your competitors will. All of our direct mail lists are sourced from legitimate sources such as newsletter subscribers of various industry based publications, business registries, credit files, etc. Our in-house mailing list specialists verify the authenticity of the database contacts by running the file through the current business registries and govt. postal services. So, if you’re prospecting for new customers, you can confidently use our accurate and up-to-date direct mail marketing lists to establish new relationships with your target customers.

You may have an incredible collection of products and give the most exciting offers, but without a good direct mail marketing service, your efforts won’t yield fruitful results. Don’t waste your money on unreliable direct mail marketing services, use FrescoData’s high-value direct mail contacts for all your marketing campaigns.

Over the years, we have compiled a comprehensive lists of business direct mail mailing list segmented by industry, specialty, location, and other demographic factors. Similarly, consumer direct mail mailing list is compiled on a larger scale which includes multiple demographical selects including selecting consumers that have particular interests or who live in a given geographical area.

Direct mail marketing services may appear as an expensive marketing proposition, but years of our experience in helping companies execute large direct mail marketing campaigns prove that they are still one of the most effective marketing channels. Consumers are more receptive of direct mails than email marketing campaigns. With the high response rate and deliverability, you have no reason for not using direct mail marketing services and FrescoData is a global leader in supplying quality mailing lists for your B2B and B2C direct mail marketing campaigns.

Over the years, we have refined our direct mail marketing solutions to improve response rates and increase ROI on marketing campaigns. Our insightful and proactive market strategies combined with feature-rich and enhanced direct mail lists gives us the confidence to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

Our advanced data collection, highly customizable mailing list packages, and the high-deliverability gives you the confidence you need to make quick decisions regarding your direct mail marketing campaigns.

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