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Email Marketing

FrescoData provides effective and profitable marketing solutions that give you access to millions of potential customers. For more than a decade, we have consistently delivered innovative and powerful email marketing solutions to our clients. 

Our targeted email marketing list services have one of the highest click throughs in the industry and a real potential to transform your business into a profitable venture.

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Opt-in and Legally Compiled Lists

All the lists on FrescoData’s databases are opt-in and have been legally compiled according to each country’s marketing regulations.


Our personalized email marketing channels ensure sustainability and a steady stream of profit to your business for a lifetime. FrescoData not only guarantees quick returns on your investment, but an explosion in sales and a lower cost of running your email marketing campaigns.

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Why do Businesses Use FrescoData’s Email Marketing Services?

There are many good reasons why most of our customers use FrescoData’s email marketing campaign services consistently. We have robust email marketing services for every business regardless of your niche. It doesn’t matter whether you are a one-man enterprise, a start-up, medium-sized company, or a large company, we have the tools you need to succeed with email marketing. Our end-to-end marketing solutions give you a chance to build a reputable brand and a solid base of satisfied customers.

Our email marketing services are benchmarked and adhere to the highest industry standards. We have a professional team who ensures that every email list service and package meets the company’s safety compliance and confidentiality policy. The bottom line is that you can use our email marketing services with full confidence and guaranteed assurance that you will increase your sales and profits tremendously.

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Let’s look at some reasons why you too should use our email services.

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Higher ROI

For every dollar that you invest in our email lists, we guarantee you will generate greater returns on your investment for a lifetime. With some of the best email open rates and click-through rates in the industry, we lead the email marketing industry providing a very high quality email database to our customers.

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Data Compliance

Our email marketing services are always in compliance with each region’s CAN-SPAM laws and our email delivery expert team ensures that the client’s email blasts are always sent to opt-in recipients who have agreed to receive emails from us and legitimate 3rd parties.

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Best Email List Segmentation

Our B2B Email Marketing can be segmented as per your needs by countries, industries, job roles and B2C marketing campaigns offer numerous demographical selects for consumers across the top economies of the world.

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Targeted Email Campaigns

FrescoData gives you the best demographic data for targeting and reaching your target market.

FrescoData believes in delivering quality and effective email lists

FrescoData believes in delivering quality and effective email lists that satisfy the real and conceivable marketing needs of niche-specific businesses. We’ve not only pushed email marketing to its limit, but we still refine our email marketing services to ensure that you get the highest returns on your investment. 

Even if you’re new to email marketing, or you have purchased or rented bad email lists in the past, our team of email marketing experts provide excellent- before and after sales services that will increase your confidence and give you a great head start in your marketing campaigns.

Email Lists

At FrescoData, we believe that a powerful delivery mechanism for any online promotion solicits an exceptional engagement score and ROI. Much of it revolves around prospects such as a well-crafted segmentation, which is tantamount to valuable assets to marketing practitioners due to its authenticity and productivity.

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  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Our B2B and B2C data list covers over 60+ countries including APAC and EMEA with most sought after industries including Automotive, Banking & Financial services, Manufacturing, Technology, Telecommunications.
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Business Email Lists

FrescoData offers the most comprehensive à la carte mode B2B list classified by methods of sourcing with 95% deliverable guarantee. We let you pre-select from a pyramid of audience in order to reach out to the right people with the right message, by search and sort option from specifics such as industry, firmographics and other demographic factors.

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  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Pre-select your audience, the one that fits your targeted zone – marketing, sales and research efforts with search selections such as industry, sales volume, number of employees
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Consumer Email Lists

Designed specifically for B2C mass consumer email marketing, FrescoData hosts lists to target highest-value customers with a unique global consumer mailing list and leads, useful for email marketing campaigns and direct mail campaigns. Email communication can turn customers into lifelong advocates and deliver real value if carried out in a proper way using right lists. Our global consumer list with a clear objective, combining segmentational excellence with an emotional appeal can help double up your commerce.

  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Enriched database of over 200+ Million consumers including census data, to improve campaign engagement score, community building efforts and higher ROI
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Global Consumer Email List segmented by behavior, and transactions, demographics selects to develop a unique and compelling Customer Value Proposition (CVP)
frescodata email lists rental service

Email List Rental

Email list rentals produce an overwhelmingly high ROI. Our email B2B list is SPAM compliant, deliverable and 100% opt-in, at a low cost of acquisition compared to other channels due to its high-integrity marketing strategy. FrescoData had the opportunity to cater B2B customers as well as agencies on customized email campaign fitting lead generation target and budgeting needs.

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Email Campaigns

Email marketing without damaging credibility is the essence of a successful marketing campaign. As a part of FrescoData’s CRM Strategy, we are compliant with CAN-SPAM Act and value its obligations. Predetermined objectives of optimized email campaigns have the power to maximize visibility and recognition and to move your communication from conversion to commerce.

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email blast and email templates services

Email Blast & Email Templates

Here at FrescoData, we boast a wealth of options to choose from: Fluid and responsive standalone layouts for desktop, tablet & mobile devices, dynamic content, in-line CSS and flexible table structures. Our templates can be used for any campaign such as e-commerce, affiliate marketing, promotional newsletters, news or product launch and many others underlining your value proposition.

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