Insurance Industry Email Lists & Mailing Lists

Insurance Industry Total Contacts

With Emails: 1,147,418
With Postal & Phones: 1,026,587

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Insurance Industry Email Lists

Effective communication is pivotal in connecting with potential clients and driving business growth in the fast-paced and competitive insurance industry. Thus, our Insurance Industry Email Lists are designed to help you reach the right audience in the insurance industry. Buy our insurance industry email database and get crucial details such as email ids, names, addresses, and more!

Our insurance industry email lists consist of carefully curated contact information of individuals who have shown interest in insurance products or services. With insurance industry email lists, companies can communicate directly with their target audience, delivering personalized and relevant content to their subscribers’ inboxes.

By leveraging these lists, insurance companies can enhance engagement, build brand awareness, and drive conversions. The targeted nature of these email lists ensures that messages reach individuals actively seeking insurance solutions, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

With the power of insurance industry email lists, companies can establish strong customer relationships, nurture leads, and stay connected with their audience, ultimately boosting their overall marketing effectiveness and business growth.

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We also offer insurance industry mailing lists that consist of a curated postal address database of individuals who have expressed interest in insurance products or services. By leveraging such lists, insurance companies can directly mail at their potential customers’ postal addresses. These lists serve as a powerful tool in the competitive landscape of the insurance industry, helping businesses establish their brand authority and stay ahead of the competition.

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Insurance Companies List

We offer Insurance Companies List as a valuable resource for businesses to reach key insurance industry decision-makers. These email lists contain the contact information of various insurance companies and professionals within the industry.

By utilizing these email lists, companies can directly reach their target audience and establish valuable connections. Whether it’s B2B communications, partnerships, or marketing campaigns, our insurance companies’ email lists enable businesses to enhance their outreach efforts and engage with key players in the industry.

These lists provide a convenient way to connect with decision-makers, agents, brokers, and other professionals, allowing for effective networking and collaboration. With insurance companies’ email lists, businesses can stay informed, forge meaningful relationships, and explore new opportunities within the dynamic and competitive insurance landscape.

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Customized Insurance Industry Email Lists

Our Customized insurance industry email lists offer a tailored and efficient approach to reaching the right audience within the insurance sector. These lists can be customized based on specific insurance specialties and regions, ensuring that businesses can connect with their desired target market.

For instance, an auto insurance company’s list can be compiled to exclusively target professionals in the auto insurance industry. Similarly, retail insurance and construction insurance email lists can be refined from our database to engage with companies operating in those sectors.

Companies can also target the top insurance companies, cyber insurance companies and government insurance companies through customized lists. You can also get country-wise data such as Canadian insurance companies, Indian insurance companies, etc.

Additionally, construction insurance brokers can benefit from accessing a specialized email list tailored to their unique needs. Businesses can streamline their marketing efforts by leveraging customized insurance industry email lists, foster meaningful connections, and generate new business opportunities within their specific insurance niche.

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FrescoData Accelerates Marketing Campaigns

All the insurance industry email lists on FrescoData’s databases are opt-in and legally comply with each Country’s marketing regulations.

FrescoData’s email list yields maximum ROI for a marketer, mainly because FrescoData helps reach the right audience, including demographic, title and industry attributes, along with other standard fields such as first name, last name, email address, job titles, phone number, fax number, postal address etc.

Our dedicated team of data researchers are the backbone of our business, as they help us stay at the forefront of providing targeted lists. Our data analysts verify every record, making the data accurate. The list is updated periodically, supported by a complete update every six months.

Segmentation of Insurance Industry Contacts by Country

Country Email Phone &
Direct Mail
Argentina 31,027 27,208
Australia 34,276 33,848
Bahrain 49,168 51,360
Belgium 7,206 6,687
Brazil 10,636 7,632
Canada 12,069 9,125
Chile 12,712 14,693
China 17,837 16,866
Colombia 23,539 22,918
Denmark 21,296 20,925
Egypt 15,823 14,554
Finland 15,627 13,854
France 11,528 9,268
Germany 34,358 29,628
Hong Kong 19,712 14,335
India 49,168 46,839
Indonesia 14,528 13,788
Ireland 21,007 18,817
Italy 8,842 10,898
Japan 14,758 14,810
Kuwait 14,106 11,067
Malaysia 18,187 17,431
Mexico 20,088 15,837
Netherlands 25,320 27,382
New Zealand 21,015  18,141
Peru 12,308  11,009
Philippines 12,331 14,832
Poland 12,821 11,840
Russia 23,102  21,187
Saudi Arabia 31,023  26,011
Singapore 11,572  10,023
South Africa 45,438  41,888
South Korea 15,100  13,700
Spain 16,557  18,602
Switzerland 12,550  20,811
Taiwan 17,966  16,327
Thailand 9,908  5,174
Turkey 13,129  14,303
UAE 255,455  202,611
UK 48,078  39,514
USA 55,452  42,617
Venezuela 16,476  15,161
Vietnam 14,319  13,066
Total 1,147,418 1,026,587


  • Providing the right database for the right audience
  • Generating more leads while spending less time and money
  • Improving the Sales Conversion rate
  • Generating Repeat Sales

Our insurance industry email list is offered to marketers at cost-effective pricing. Being in the business of providing up-to-date email marketing lists, FrescoData substantiates that it is crucial to keep abreast with the latest moves in the industry and, therefore, constantly update and compile email lists useful for each business.


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