Education Industry Mailing Lists and Email Lists

Education Industry Email Lists

Education Industry Total Contacts:

With Emails: 1,611,844
With Postal & Phones: 1,396,950

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FrescoData’s Education Industry email list gives detailed insights, helping marketers create a detailed and enriched view. With the internationalization of education, academic institutions and nations are collaborating to provide quality learning to students worldwide. Industry-oriented educational programs are launched, wherein multi-nationals partner with universities to make students industry-ready;

FrescoData’s Education Email List helps you connect with the right people in the education industry. Our list comprises influential decision-makers in the education industry who contribute to the exchange of different ideas and shape the cause of education across the globe. With FrescoData’s Education Email List, our marketers gain recognition as we help them deliver the proper communication at the right time.

The education contact database is opt-in and legally complies with each Country’s marketing regulations.

FrescoData –Knowledge Database for Effective Learning

Email marketing, the most contemporary marketing method, is an effective communication tool used by top-ranking decision-makers from universities, Management schools, colleges, etc. With Educational institutions customizing their marketing strategies, complementing the marketing campaign with FrescoData’s Education Industry executives’ marketing list helps the marketer find the right partnership.

FrescoData’s Education Industry Executives List Helps Enhance “Learning”

We ensure that our email list is up-to-date. Our research analysts and data researchers source crucial information from education fairs, university festivals, industry event sponsors, and educational magazines. FrescoData’s Education Industry Contacts Email List also provides additional information, including the executives’ full names, company names, business addresses, and sales revenue.

FrescoData’s unique sourcing model delivers the most complete and accurate database. Along with continual upgrades, our Education Industry Executives’ mailing Lists are human-verified to ensure a high deliverability rate.

Segmentation of Education Contacts by Country

Country Email Phone &
Direct Mail
Argentina 29,007 31,030
Australia 34,632 34,039
Bahrain 72,165 69,837
Belgium 24,514 25,337
Brazil 33,844 27,174
Canada 24,413 17,755
Chile 38,009 30,674
China 18,046 16,123
Colombia 22,595 22,029
Denmark 32,449 29,563
Egypt 22,364 15,799
Finland 31,062 30,673
France 17,144 18,802
Germany 45,115 39,531
Hong Kong 11,909 11,751
India 66,943 65,880
Indonesia 26,368 24,300
Ireland 23,187 17,430
Italy 38,881 35,647
Japan 42,971 38,773
Kuwait 34,468 32,691
Malaysia 33,485 23,254
Mexico 32,342 33,908
Netherlands 32,813 32,077
New Zealand 22,652 20,822
Peru 23,027 25,833
Philippines 22,232 18,489
Poland 24,207 29,255
Russia 63,840 60,305
Saudi Arabia 42,804 39,010
Singapore 21,700 23,876
South Africa 45,621 42,495
South Korea 22,652 17,173
Spain 28,710 27,393
Switzerland 32,580 27,375
Taiwan 21,573 13,676
Thailand 21,801 11,688
Turkey 18,502 11,339
UAE 197,630 111,050
UK 65,683 57,572
USA 97,604 91,054
Venezuela 35,928 31,020
Vietnam 14,372 13,448
Total 1,611,844 1,396,950


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