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Unlock the Potential of Targeted Mailing Lists

Our meticulously curated mailing lists ensure your message reaches the perfect audience, maximizing the impact of your campaigns.

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Targeted Mailing List

Our meticulously curated mailing lists ensure that your message lands in the hands of the individuals or businesses most likely to engage with your content. By refining and segmenting our lists based on demographics, behaviors, and other crucial factors, we enable you to create personalized, relevant, and highly effective direct mail campaigns. With our commitment to data quality and accuracy, you can trust that every piece of your direct mail marketing puzzle will align perfectly with your goals, maximizing the impact and success of your campaigns.

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Geographic Precision

Target your audience by location, whether a specific city, state, or region. Our geographic precision ensures your message lands in the hands of those who matter most to your business or cause.

  • USA Mailing Lists
  • UK Mailing Lists
  • Brazil Mailing Lists
  • Singapore Mailing Lists
  • Australia Mailing Lists

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Industry-Specific Mailing Lists

We have an extensive collection of industry-wise mailing lists across various industries such as technology, healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, and many more. Whether you’re targeting a niche market or seeking a broad audience, we have the resources to meet your requirements.

  • Automotive Lists
  • Banking & Financial Services Lists
  • Energy Lists
  • Technology Lists
  • Events & Conference Services

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Mailing Lists By Job Roles

FrescoData makes it easier for you to connect with professionals in different job roles. Connect with the decision-makers of your target companies & pitch them with confidence. We have detailed information about them which will help you to convert them easily.

  • Senior Management List
  • Finance & Accounting List
  • Human Resources List
  • Information Technology Lists
  • Marketing

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List of Magazine Subscribers

FrescoData’s proprietary arrangement with digital publishers of e-zines and newsletters offers unprecedented access to opt-in responders.

  • Industry Leaders Magazine’s Subscribers List.
  • Technowize Magazine’s Subscribers List.
  • The HR Digest Magazine’s Subscribers List.

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Specialty Mailing List

FrescoData helps you pursue your marketing goals by enabling you to connect with top-notch executives and decision-makers in any given industry. Over the years, FrescoData, with its vast network of resources, has proven to be the most reliable and authentic source, offering excellent quality specialty mailing and email lists of global executives.

  • Global Expat Marketing List
  • Germany CMOS’ Email List
  • China CFOS’ Email List
  • Japan Finance Managers’ Email Lists

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Demographic Filters

Customize your mailing list based on demographics such as age, income, education, and more. It enables you to connect with individuals more likely to engage with your message.

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Consumer & Business Lists

We provide both consumer and business-focused mailing lists. You can select the one that aligns with your objectives, whether B2C or B2B marketing.

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If you have unique requirements beyond the standard categories, we offer customization options to meet your specific needs.

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Enhanced Campaign Efficiency

By reaching the right audience, you can maximize the efficiency of your direct mail marketing campaigns. You'll save resources and increase your chances of a positive response.

Improved ROI

Our precise targeting ensures that your marketing budget is spent on individuals or businesses most likely to convert, leading to a better return on investment.


Tailoring your message to a specific audience is made easier with our targeted mailing lists, helping you establish a more personal connection with your recipients.

Compliance and Data Quality

We adhere to all relevant regulations to ensure the highest standards of data quality and integrity.


Lets strategize your target audience market needs with us. Grow your business revenue with our complete marketing solutions.

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