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Leverage our Innovative Omnichannel Approach for Event Marketing

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Event Marketing

We create dynamic campaigns that transcend traditional event boundaries, utilizing a strategic fusion of online and offline channels. By integrating social media, email marketing, virtual experiences, and traditional promotional methods, we ensure that your brand’s message resonates across diverse platforms. Our commitment is to deliver a cohesive and engaging user experience that captivates your target audience and builds lasting connections beyond the confines of a single event.

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Attendees List

Whether your event is an in-person, virtual conference, trade show, seminar, product launch, workshop, awards show, or just an ad-hoc meeting, We use some of the most innovative and technologically advanced tools by layering behaviors, interests, past purchase history, and over 10,000+ other available attributes to find the best attendees to fill up your event.

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Avoid Bare Event Attendance With 100% Opt-in Direct Mail Marketing

We add another layer of outreach to your omnichannel event marketing campaign through direct mail marketing. We maintain the most updated business and consumer direct mail marketing databases for 175+ countries. We use interest and attribute-based targeting to enhance your event’s attendance and filter out old addresses.

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Mobile Marketing: Catch Your Attendees On The Move With Geofencing

Mobile marketing with Geofencing is one of the most powerful tools in an event promoter’s toolbox. Geofencing draws virtual boundaries around geographic locations so that we understand the signals going in & out of those areas. We use this for historical look-backs to analyze footfall and infer behaviors to target those audiences.

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Reach Your Target Audience With Semantic Audience Segmentation

Semantic Audiences is an intent-based segmentation technique that can ingest hundreds or thousands of “triggers” across any website. We select 5-7 most salient keywords relevant to our client to get a weighted keyword cloud.
Semantic Audiences is available in most international countries. Our approach combines developing innovative creatives with carefully targeted email and social media campaigns to guarantee you the best rates of event attendance in the industry.

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How We Work With You To Build Successful Events

Making people aware of your events, getting them interested and excited, not to mention getting them to register and attend, is a specialized art and demands perfection. Most internal marketing departments and full-service advertising agencies may lack the dedicated capabilities to develop and execute a customized marketing events strategy. Rely on FrescoData to achieve event success.

Here’s how FrescoData collaborates with you to build an event marketing strategy that will surpass your organization’s goals:

Define Event Type

The event type and what you hope to accomplish with the event define your marketing strategy. A large trade show or conference in a major city addresses a different audience and requires additional resources and event marketing strategies than a local product launch party or workshop.

Set Measurable Objectives

What's the objective of the event? To promote a product, announce a new division, or share your thoughts with people who might be potential partners? We set measurable objectives.

Determine Target Audience

The event type and objectives determine the target audience. With a comprehensive database compiling carefully cultivated contact lists, the campaign focuses only on those who best fit the event. Cast too broad a net, and you're wasting time and money. Cast the net in the wrong body of water, and you don't catch what you're fishing for.

Set Budget

Let us know your budget, and we'll tell you exactly what we can and cannot do to implement an effective event marketing campaign. Once your budget is set, we adhere to it and deliver results.

Integrate Theme & Content

We work with you to integrate your marketing campaign with the event's theme. Incorporating your brand's logos, color schemes, copy tone, and overall voice creates a cohesive feel and develops connections with your target audience at the subconscious level. When they see your branding, they immediately think of your event.

Determine and Schedule Campaign Elements

How many emails are you sending, and in what sequence? What should the event website look like, and when should it be launched? What advertising and social media platforms must be utilized to promote and build awareness of the event? A carefully laid-out schedule of key marketing activities is designed to fit your budget and event objectives.


Any event marketing campaign is a daunting undertaking, which is why you have FrescoData Event Marketing. We will help you coordinate your brand strategies and objectives into a successful campaign to achieve meaningful results and generate actionable data.


Just because your event is over doesn't mean your event campaign is over. After your event is offered, the next thing is to assess whether it met the objectives and achieved desired results. And from that data, determine how to improve on the next event.

Case Study

Delve into our success story that exemplifies our client-centric approach. Tasked with promoting a high-profile industry event, we integrate our robust database and email marketing strategies as pivotal components of our comprehensive omnichannel marketing approach. Leveraging our expansive database enriched with diverse attributes, we meticulously identified and targeted a tailored audience, ensuring a precise match for the event’s objectives. Our dynamic email marketing campaigns, crafted strategically, amplified engagement and anticipation, effectively driving attendance. The outcome was not just a successful event but a testament to how FrescoData’s integrated solutions can elevate and redefine the impact of event marketing for our valued clients.

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Behavioral Targeting

Dive deep into attendee behaviors and preferences using diverse data attributes, including past purchase history and over 10,000 additional attributes, and gain an understanding of your audience. It enables hyper-targeted messaging that resonates with potential attendees.

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Programmatic Display Ads

Capture attention across devices & platforms with programmatic display ads. Your event ad will be showcased to a diverse audience, ensuring maximum reach and impact.

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How FrescoData's Omnichannel Marketing Works for You

Unified Messaging

Ensure consistent event messaging across all channels, creating a cohesive and memorable brand experience.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Leverage real-time insights from each channel to refine your strategy as your event approaches. Our platform provides comprehensive analytics to guide your decision-making process.

Enhanced Attendee Experience

Our omnichannel approach creates a seamless and immersive experience by engaging potential attendees through multiple touchpoints, building anticipation and excitement.

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Lets strategize your target audience market needs with us. Grow your business revenue with our complete marketing solutions.

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