Hospitality Industry Email Lists

Hospitality Industry Total Contacts:

With Emails: 359,128
With Postal & Phones: 2,647,963

FrescoData’s industry-leading email marketing lists of hospitality professionals facilitates marketers in retaining, growing and reactivating current and prospective clients. The hospitality industry encompasses restaurants, hotels, inns, motels, lodging, event planners, cruise liners and more. With the growth in global tourism, the hospitality industry has become one of the most organized sectors across the globe and is growing at a fast pace. This sector attracts huge investments and offers enormous growth prospects for enterprises. The hospitality industry acts as a source of revenue for many countries and is an important contributor to a country’s development. Partnering with FrescoData’s targeted email lists results in highly targeted hospitality marketing campaigns.

All the lists on FrescoData’s databases are opt-in and have been legally compiled according to each country’s marketing regulations.

FrescoData – Database synchronized for effective Marketing

The hospitality industry is enormous and the marketing strategies vary from one type of service to another. The Hospitality Industry has traditionally been dependent on word-of-mouth strategy for promotions. Now, with advancements in technology and the increasing use of the internet all over the world, email marketing has proven to be a potent tool for business promotions within this industry. FrescoData proves to be a one stop facilitator for providing comprehensive email lists while assisting in enhancing and enriching existing internal databases.

FrescoData’s Hospitality Email Executives List is Amicable for Your Business Growth

FrescoData’s Hospitality Industry Email List is sourced using lists of trade shows attendees, hospitality events, hospitality magazines subscriptions, hospitality based surveys, directories, etc. The Hospitality Email and Marketing Lists are categorized on the basis of Job Roles and Countries for convenience. Given the enormity of the Hospitality Sector, our quality team has put in their best efforts in keeping our Hospitality Industry Email List and Marketing List accurate. FrescoData helps you reach the important decision makers in the hospitality industry.

All of FrescoData’s lists are verified by our data researchers and are updated twice a year.

Segmentation of Hospitality contacts by Country:

Country Email Phone &
Direct Mail
Argentina 4,245 35,362
Australia 17,656 125,355
Bahrain 658 3,931
Belgium 3,565 24,496
Brazil 12,765 97,571
Canada 6,372 44,328
Chile 2,465 17,269
China 20,016 149,044
Colombia 2,326 20,632
Denmark 1,064 10,691
Egypt 2,506 20,491
Finland 1,021 5,999
France 16,348 122,995
Germany 7,005 52,601
Hong Kong 1,287 11,589
India 34,575 255,319
Indonesia 12,489 88,983
Ireland 3,561 23,077
Italy 15,134 111,211
Japan 1,022 8,924
Kuwait 677 3,484
Malaysia 3,428 27,219
Mexico 7,185 54,642
Netherlands 10,833 81,278
New Zealand 3,645 25,150
Peru 2,880 18,837
Philippines 6,420 44,682
Poland 1,338 11,964
Russia 5,346 42,677
Saudi Arabia 1,785 14,495
Singapore 2,651 20,819
South Africa 8,646 60,928
South Korea 924 6,016
Spain 25,562 188,067
Switzerland 3,962 28,200
Taiwan 773 7,103
Thailand 3,290 25,480
Turkey 5,067 37,720
UAE 9,670 72,788
UK 37,423 271,004
USA 48,176 350,955
Venezuela 1,343 10,539
Vietnam 2,024 14,048
Total 359,128 2,647,963