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  • 3+ Billion People Data Records
  • 200+ Million Business Contacts
  • 175+ Countries


  • 1500+ Partnerships
  • 1,745+% Brand Lift
  • 1,098+% Traffic Lift


  • Email: 10-45% Open Rates
  • 10-45% Conversions
  • Coverage: 88+% Global Coverage

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Email Lists

Searching for a Tailored Email List of Your Potential Clients? Discover our bespoke email lists perfectly crafted to meet your unique business requirements. Irrespective of the country or industry you aim to reach, we boast an extensive database meticulously organized into distinct segments.

Contact Database

Fetch contact details of your prospects & build networks, generate leads, and maintain up-to-date information on your potential clients and partners.

Data Enrichment

Enhance your existing data by adding the missing details. This process typically involves updating and appending information to ensure your records are accurate and complete, making your marketing and outreach more effective.

Email Marketing

Connect with your target audience, promote your products or services, and achieve measurable results via our email blast campaigns. Whether you're sending out newsletters, promotional offers, or important updates, we ensure that your content is delivered efficiently and effectively to your recipients' inboxes.

Omnichannel Marketing

Create a seamless and consistent customer experience across all available channels, both online and offline & identify how your consumers interact with your brand through various touch points, including your website, social media, mobile apps, physical stores, and more.

Programmatic Ads

Automate the buying and selling of digital advertising space in real-time, using software and data-driven technology & streamline the process of ad placement and targeting to reach your prospects with precision and efficiency.

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Which Database Serves Your Purpose?

Business Data

It typically includes data such as company names, addresses, industry categories, contact details of key personnel, annual revenues, and more.

Consumer Data

It focuses on individuals, providing details about their characteristics and preferences, which include names, contact information, demographics (age, gender, location), purchasing behavior, interests, and more.

Identity Data

It involves information that identifies and verifies individuals and organizations, which is often used for security and verification purposes, as well as in industries like finance, healthcare, and government for identity verification and compliance.

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Data Strategy

FrescoData blends data-driven marketing with the customer-centric approach of people-based marketing to achieve effective omni-channel experiences. Our access to 10,000+ behavior, attitude, interest, propensity, and demographic attributes across 100% opt-in, deterministic, known, and compiled data guides our strategy.

  • 15 Years of Relationships with 425+ Global Data Sources
  • Unique Method of Translating Data into Meaningful Results for Enterprises
  • 1500+ Partnerships with Merchants, Brands, and Media Sites for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Party Data
  • 100% Opt-In Data

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People-Based + Data-Driven Marketing

Our team comprises creative people, programmatic marketing strategists, public relations experts, copywriters, engineers, data scientists, and brand strategists who have launched and grown businesses across dozens of industries. Our technology stack includes many of the top marketing technology platforms and proprietary systems that we leverage to run and manage campaigns for our clients. We blend our data-driven audience targeting approach with a people-based marketing (PBM) approach to create contextualized, intent-triggered campaigns and connected offers across channels.

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Why FrescoData?

FrescoData is a full-service data and marketing agency. We are a primary source of consumer and business data, identity data, and analytics for enterprises and the largest data providers in the world. We offer end-to-end custom data-driven marketing solutions as a white-glove service.

The ability to deliver data from challenging geographies makes FrescoData a leader in global data, and our quality campaigns make us a high-value partner with competitive pricing and results. We deliver Fortune 100 experiences on Fortune 5000 budgets.

  • World’s #1 Business Professional and Consumer Database
  • Offline Campaigns: 99+% Deliverability, 88+% global Direct Mail
  • Online Campaigns: 1,745+% Programmatic Brand Lift, 1,098+% Traffic Lift
  • Privacy Compliant: GDPR, CCPA, CASL, Privacy Shield

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Data Attributes We Offer


  • Firmographic Data
  • Technographic Data
  • Demographic Data
  • Psychographic Data
  • Geographic Data
  • Behavioral Data
  • Purchase History
  • Social Media Data
  • Key Decision-Makers
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses


  • Demographic Data
  • Geographic Data
  • Psychographic Data
  • Behavioral Data
  • Purchase History
  • Social Media Data
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Affinities
  • Purchase Intent
  • Credit Score

End-To-End Omnichannel Marketing Services

Our access to 10,000 + data attributes, such as demographic, psychographic, behavioral, etc., across all industries & countries empowers us to reach your target audience with the right way to convert them.


  • 10,000 + data attributes such as demographic, psychographic, behavioral, etc.
  • Global Reach in 175+ Countries
  • Industry Seasoned Analytics Expertise
  • Privacy Compliance: GDPR, CCPA, CASL, Privacy Shield

We know how to make your way to your prospects’ devices in a non-intrusive way & win them over by addressing their pain points.

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Import Our Data into your CRM

Import our data into your CRM & harness the power of our comprehensive information seamlessly. It helps in enhancing your CRM’s capabilities and enabling more effective customer engagement. Get started today and unlock the full potential of your customer relationship management system.

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Lets strategize your target audience market needs with us. Grow your business revenue with our complete marketing solutions.

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