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  • 3+ Billion People Data Records
  • 200+ Million Business Contacts
  • 175+ Countries
  • 1500+ Partnerships
  • 1,745+% Brand Lift
  • 1,098+% Traffic Lift
  • Email: 10-45% Open Rates
  • 10-45% Conversions
  • Direct Mail: 88+% Global Coverage
  • 95+% Conversions Increase
  • 1,000+% ROI
  • $0 Technology Investment

Trusted by fortune 500 enterprises

Full Service Data and Marketing Agency

Why Fresco Data

FrescoData is a full-service data and marketing agency. We are a primary source of consumer and business data, identity data, and analytics for enterprises and the largest data providers in the world. We offer end-to-end custom data-driven marketing solutions as a white-glove service. The ability to deliver data from challenging geographies makes FrescoData a leader in global data, and our quality campaigns make us a high-value partner with competitive pricing and results. We deliver Fortune 100 experiences on Fortune 5000 budgets.

Omni-channel Marketing Strategy

Data Strategy

FrescoData blends data-driven marketing with the customer-centric approach of people-based marketing to achieve effective omni-channel experiences. Our access to 10,000+ behavior, attitude, interest, propensity and demographic attributes across 100% opt-in, deterministic, known and compiled data guides our strategy.
Omnichannel marketing strategy experience

End-To-End Omnichannel Marketing Services

We provide best-in-class service and campaign excellence from concept to execution. Fortune 100 clients depend on our years of experience, analytical insights, and unparalleled access to global data sources, ensuring sustained business growth throughout its lifecycle.

When Results Matter. Choose FrescoData

+ Data-Driven Marketing

Our team comprises creative, programmatic marketing and public relations experts, copywriters, engineers, data scientists and brand strategists who have launched and grown businesses across dozens of industries. Our technology stack includes many of the top marketing technology platforms and proprietary systems that we leverage to run and manage campaigns for our clients. We blend our data-driven audience targeting approach with a people-based marketing (PBM) approach to create contextualized, intent-triggered campaigns and offers that are connected across channels.

Identity Data

FrescoData can access official people data through exclusive partnerships with 175+ government sources for identity verification, fraud and risk compliance, know your consumer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML) and know your business (KYB) purposes. Our clients can license these large data sets into their infrastructure or access them on-demand through our identity verification and validation applications.

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Multi-National Bank

Multi-National Bank





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