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Align your marketing strategies with the needs and preferences of the target audience. decide and buy. Combining first and third-party data from FrescoData, you are able to see target customer behavior throughout the entire buying journey.

Analytics: Merge your online and offline marketing data into one place so you can save time and replace disparate data.

Attribution: Close the loop on sales and marketing efforts with account based marketing attribution.

Actions: Data-driven outcomes on actions to take next.

Discover marketing and consumer insights your prospective clients never knew were possible – then lead them to victory.

  • Gain new business with a data-driven gap analysis for any prospective client
  • Power your pitch with competitive trends and unique consumer behavior insights
  • Know your prospects market share and performance before you talk to them

Connect Marketing and Sales Data

B2B marketers are more financially accountable than ever before – highlighting a need to tie spend directly to sales impact. FrescoData uses Account Based Attribution that allows B2B marketers to see what is driving pipeline and closed won revenue – and more important – what is not.

  • Which campaigns lead to closed won revenue?
  • Which pieces of content drive pipeline value?
  • What organic search terms drive deal revenue?
  • Which paid keywords drive pipeline value?

Align to Customer Behavior

FrescoData helps B2C marketers see beyond their four walls. Armed with Consumer Insight Reports you will have a step-by-step guide on how to align the way you market and sell with the way your prospects decide and buy.

  • Find competitive gaps and opportunities to gain market share
  • Recommended content to create and instant content outlines
  • See your target customer’s complete path to purchase before they reach your site
  • Identify the most impactful placements for your brand’s message


Marketers no longer have to guess about what they should do next – with FrescoData they have a central source of truth, and direction, for their marketing efforts.
  • Act on prioritized automated recommendations with predicted outcomes
  • Know what content to write, campaigns to create and keywords to use
  • Give your team valuable time back
  • Allocate your budget with data-driven attribution
With a limited budget, marketers need to find the marketing actions that matter most. FrescoData helps clients do this by bringing their cross-channel marketing data, competitive intelligence, and consumer behavior into one view.

Find What Works - Faster

Convert more customers for less by identifying what works, and eliminating the noise. FrescoData uses comprehensive attribution models to quickly find the key drivers of our clients’ success.

  • Gain instant access to customer behavior data that was previously outside your view
  • Receive automated and actionable recommendations to improve campaigns across channels
  • Create content consumers actually want – to dazzle and delight your prospects

Unified Marketing Analytics

Stop flipping through disparate data sources to refine your strategy. FrescoData centralizes your cross-channel, cross-platform data to make sense of the madness and give you the whole story.

  • Allocate your budget with a data-driven attribution model that shows the whole story
  • See your target customer’s complete path to purchase before they even reach your site
  • Make faster channel decisions with the most critical insights at your fingertips

Gain Market Share

Gaining market share is difficult when your competitors have bigger teams, bigger budgets, and more tools at their disposal. FrescoData enables your team with the higher ground – surfacing the most impactful actions to improve ROI and beat your competitors to the punch.

  • See how your top competitors are driving traffic to their site
  • Benchmark your efforts with your industry and consumer trends
  • Target your ideal customer at precisely the right moment along their path to purchase

How Do We Do This?

Managing several marketing channels means that it can be frustrating to analyze one dataset, only to realize the answer lies in another – or that combining the two holds the real answer. FrescoData delivers a holistic view of all your marketing data – integrating all your siloed tools into one spot. We generate insights from one central hub in order to optimize and scale the best marketing messages, content and offers.

We set up our clients for success, so that they are able to:

  • Integrate programmatic ads, Google Ads, social media ads & eCommerce data
  • Automate reporting to internal & external teams
  • Overlay siloed data with competitive intelligence
  • Customize reporting to fit your business needs and KPIs
  • Know when and what messages and creative to deliver – in real-time
  • Get actionable insights about their target audience’s behavior
  • Understand cross-device performance
  • Surface opportunistic gaps that will keep you ahead of the game

Track the most important actions and events on your site.

Track the actions that make the most impact to your business. Once you know which events inspire consumers to buy, then you can scale your efforts in the right direction.

  • Event Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Website Analytics

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