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B2B and B2C Marketing Strategy

Growth Built On Great Data Strategies

Our data strategies help businesses find the right target audiences
and omnichannel campaigns power growth.

Data Driven Marketing Strategy


FrescoData enables sophisticated marketing strategies at the individual and account levels with accuracy, reach, flexibility, and scale. We improve our clients’ marketing spending efficiency by using our predictive analytics technology to analyze our vast people data and business contacts for custom audience targeting. We mirror offline and digital campaigns and sync up non-PII data with our B2C & B2B people data to reach and target relevant audiences without compromising privacy.

Target Marketing Strategies

Audience Targeting

Data Licensing

Data Enhancement

Our Data enhancement and hygiene services will help you validate and increase the value of your consumer data. We can enrich both demographic and behavior data for our clients’ current customers or database contacts and append contact data for multiple channels. We will help you undertake an accurate analysis of your data and to manage your prospects and customers.

Data Licensing Service

Data Licensing

We offer unlimited access to verified, secured, and accurate large-scale ethically-sourced comprehensive business and consumer databases. These can be licensed and installed within a client’s business premises. FrescoData uses many varieties of data to make programmatic work:

Data Types Based on Collection, Methodology & Source

Three Distinct Types of Third-Party Data:

Demographic: Often collected from online and offline registration sources, demographic data identifies users by key traits, including age and gender.

Interest: Typically based on user-generated online actions, this data captures a consumer’s affinity for a particular topic or hobby.

Intent: This type of data is based on actions like web behavior and helps paint a picture of customers in the market.

Data Verification Services

Data Validation & Hygiene

FrescoData has perfected the art of data validation by using advanced data validation techniques, which includes importing client data (now up to 2 TB capacity) to update known and compiled data attributes for 3.6+ billion consumers and 200+ million business contacts, such as:

  • Email Addresses
  • Full Postal Addresses
  • Contact Names
  • Mobile/Telephone Numbers
  • Age/Date of Birth
  • Current Company
  • Job Roles and Titles
Data Sourcing and Solution

Data Sourcing

We attribute our success to the unprecedented access to the ethically-sourced global consumer and business professionals’ data and our method of translating those data sets into meaningful campaigns and results. Over the past 20+ years, we have built direct relationships and formed exclusive partnerships with governments and official data sources, the largest global opt-in co-op database for third-party information services. We’ve managed hundreds of customer files. Our database consists of people data from known, deterministic and compiled sources:

  • Public Records
  • County Courthouse Records
  • Postal Service
  • Residential Registries
  • Census Data
  • Mortgage Data
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Business Registries
  • Secretaries of State
  • Magazine Subscriber Lists
  • Merchant People and Purchase Data
  • Brand Data
  • Media Site Subscriber Data
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Audience Analysis

Data Licensing Service

Marketing Data

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