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FrescoData offers a rich repository of global business and consumer contact data with emails, phone numbers, and social profiles sourced from legal and opt-in data sources.

We help you meet your marketing objectives within all market verticals. Even in complex scenarios, our team of marketing professionals, computer scientists and data analysts to help you find the most efficient solutions for brand awareness, customer engagement, lead generation and prospecting

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All the lists on FrescoData’s databases are opt-in and have been legally compiled according to each country’s marketing regulations.

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Data Driven Marketing

Utilizing the power of consumer and business contact data. FrescoData offers end-to-end marketing solutions so clients can build reputable brands while generating sales lead lists to keep their sales team’s calendars booked. Think of us as your go-to leads and sales prospecting solution.
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Data Driven Digital Services

Unlike traditional agencies, FresocData offers an edge on digital marketing campaigns utilizing the power of target audience data. Like adding fuel to a fire, deploying digital campaigns with data accelerates your results and rapidly generates ROI. We have everything you need to extend your reach and exceed your goals with a full suite of digital marketing services like:

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Data Driven Intelligence

Leverage FrescoData’s access to official data sources in some of the most difficult countries in the world. With access to government, utility, census, credit data and more, and from over 90+ countries globally, we can meet all of your data requirements. We partner with a vast network of sources to provide enhanced data intelligence to our clients for purposes like:
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Data Driven Subscription

FrescoData’s UNO platform provides access to its entire US contacts database so users can access the most updated list of 20+ million US B2B contacts on the market. As a self-service membership portal, you can search, segment, and download targeted lists of contacts at a pace that works for your organization. 

Search for Job Title, Industry, and even company size and find the right contacts for your needs. General Criteria includes:

mailing lists

Consumer (B2C) and Global Business (B2B) Marketing Lists

At FrescoData, we know that the success of your campaigns, whether for new customer acquisition, upselling to existing customers, or verifying customer contact data hinges upon the quality of a list. 

We maintain the most updated business and consumer databases for more than 60 countries and offer regular updates to keep all records current. Our email addresses are personal even for business contacts. So you are reaching the person you need and not a generic info (at) anycompany (dot) com address.

Data Appending Services

At FrescoData, we know that data appending/enhancement/enrichment plays an integral role in maintaining accurate, valid information of your customers and adding valuable information to serve ever more targeted offerings to your customers. Our data enhancement and suppression services can help you gain control over the business processes.

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data validation services

Data Validation Services

Continual data validation/verification is now a constant in any data-driven strategy. Data may have been captured or transposed incorrectly or over time, just changes. People move, change jobs, companies form or go out of business. Email address and telephone numbers change. We recommend re-validation every 6 months to protect your reputation as a business and improve your communication and decision-making as well.

Risk Assessment / Identity Verification Services

Most people are honest and are who they say they are. A few are not. Most people fill out employment forms and a variety of applications honestly. A few do not. In some parts of the world hundreds of millions of people share a common surname. How do you determine if a Chinese John Smith is your customer or target?

Email Marketing

An electronic progeny of direct mail, email marketing has revolutionized the way business communication and marketing tools are used. FrescoData helps you set up ethical practices to safeguard and ensure email deliverability by staying compliant with anti-spam laws. We help you decide on an email list, content and design and time based on pre-determined objectives of marketing campaigns to send relevant emails.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is a channel that delivers pre-eminent ROI for customer acquisition and retention. FrescoData’s direct mail campaign covers creative, technical – tracking and assessing aspects of direct mail B2B and B2C marketing viz. internet, brochures, newsletters, sales letters, postcards, catalogues and many more.
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Big Data

Big Data Analytics helps you extract data intelligence and to use those actionable insights to: redefine marketing and business opportunities, improve sales and profits, make better business decisions and retain a competitive advantage. Using the latest technologies, FrescoData offers timely and cost-effective global big data analytics to all business sizes across all sectors through hybrid, customized approaches. Our team consists of computational scientists, system researchers and business analysts can help turn business setbacks into business opportunities utilizing locally and cloud data accumulated from social.

Strategic Consulting

As a part of FrescoData’s model to deliver efficient and innovative data-driven solutions, our marketing experts will work with your team to analyze and develop the strategies and approaches needed to improve response, build your brand and reach your goals. Our Strategic Consulting division has over 15 years of consulting experience working with global enterprises across a wide spectrum of sectors.

Data Licensing

Often, using a database one time isn’t enough for your marketing needs. Data licensing allows multiple or unlimited usage of our data and can include multi-year usage with regular updates. Start with our Masterfiles of + 1 billion consumer records and 100 million B2B contacts.

Digital Services

As a Digital Marketing service provider, we can offer guidance and support when you need to consider or integrate multiple digital channels into your marketing strategy.
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Marketing Campaign Life Cycle

We always start with a smart strategy in order to get the best results,
that are accurate, targeted and compliant with all local laws.

Step 1
We help you strengthen visual aspects of mind maps through an ideation sequence bringing our years of experience into play together where concrete ideas are refined and prototyped.
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Step 1
Step 2
FrescoData believes that every marketing campaign needs to be visualized, harnessing silver bullets and a brilliant strategy using insights from data gurus, marketing consultants and industry experts.
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Step 2
Step 3
Data Finalization
Where we tailor a list of responsive audience and employ proper segmentation by focusing on your marketing objectives.
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Step 3
Step 4
Campaign Setup
Right from developing and producing most compelling content that resonates with the target audience, to scheduling, we are there to unravel operational setbacks making it easy for you.
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Step 4
Step 5
Organization, allocation and inspiration is achieved in the final phase. After thorough configuration, we help you direct the execution phase.
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Step 5

Let us help you find your data solution.