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Buying Consumer Data

The Global Leader In Comprehensive
Consumer Data

We collect data on consumer behavior, so our businesses
can anticipate what their customers will want next.

FrescoData offers the Highest Value for People Data and Consumer Marketing

FrescoData is the top global data compiler and trusted industry source. We have worked closely with high-quality sources throughout our 20+ years of combined experience to consistently deliver extensive global coverage of up-to-date people data through effective marketing campaigns and creative online and offline tactics.


We enable connections with real people, not bots or generic audiences from third-party data, cookie-based generic segments, or bid stream data – and we’ll prove it with our campaign reporting. Real connections to real people mean no ad fraud. We programmatically deliver your message – which we can also create on your behalf, from concept to execution – to real consumers receptive to your message.
We run thousands of consumer campaigns annually, using our vast data + machine learning + predictive customer targeting to customize your media plans and deliver your message to people where they’re most likely to respond: email, direct mail, mobile, desktop, social, video, native, paid search, connected TV, or programmatic audio.
Our full-service, people-based campaigns are designed to iterate perpetually and become smarter. If specific tactics or attributes outperform the others, our algorithm will refocus on those to maximize your budget and results. In addition to CTRs and opens, we offer the most valuable insights of all – providing people-based reporting. Our data can help you understand more about your unique customers, details like who’s engaging with your messages, buying your products and visiting your store.
B2C Customer Loyalty Programs


B2C Customer Acquisition Strategies)




First, we analyze hundreds of attributes, including:

  • Known People Data
  • Compiled People Data
  • Deterministic People Data
  • Zero-Party Data

Next, we create a methodology along with the optimal channels, messaging, creative and support it with the right technology combination that will yield the most significant lift for our client.

Use Case #1

Goal: Recruit participants for a global pharmaceutical company.

Campaign Objective: Identify and reach low-income, high-risk cohorts with the highest exposure to Covid-19.

Methodology: Overlaying property data + lifestyles/behaviors + essential worker job roles + places of interest enabled us to pinpoint audiences for multiple cohorts. We were also able to validate/negate theories about correlations in income and lifestyles/behaviors and high-risk job roles against COVID-19 infections.

Results: Contact us for availability details.

Use Case #2

Goal: Increase advertising revenues for a global consumer media company.

Methodology: We helped our client evolve their email content and format to a newsletter-style and reduced the number of sales emails. We recommended that our client should establish selection criteria with its subscribers. The selection criteria intended to create higher levels of engagement with smaller/targeted groups. The email subscribers had greater engagement because we connected with them on a more individual basis. The marketing campaigns were far more efficient because we leveraged zero-based people data through advanced preference center choices in our advertising platforms. This type of engagement drives positive reputations with email service providers like Gmail and ensures that it delivers the right emails at the right time to the right subscribers.

Result: Successfully warmed up 10 IPs and domains, increased Gmail inbox placement & sending reputation, average inbox deliverability increased from 66% to 98% for more than 16 brands and generating $150K+ in ad revenues (which FrescoData tracked through multi-touch attribution reporting).


Depending on our clients’ geography and demographics, we conceptualize and test methodologies about how to best reach them. Through this testing, we’re able to predict if the customer will be available and receptive to various types of messaging

  • Intent: Semantic Audiences
  • Device Id Targeting
  • Places of Interest
  • Location Data
  • Mobile Ad Id Data, IP Data, Cookie-Based Data
  • Footfall Attribution
  • Microproximity


FrescoData helps nurture emotional connections between our clients and their customers through advanced tech, apps, and data-driven messaging – at the right time. We help our clients:


Consumer Marketing

Frescodata is a team of problem solvers. Most companies that provide consumer marketing services are focused on brand identity, vision, or consistency across channels. These companies sometimes fail to realize that consumers care about their problems at the end of the day. It is critical in marketing to help customers understand how your business can help. Your products or services are a means to an end.

We take pride in being problem solvers to your retail and branding challenges. Your business challenges are eating up revenue, preventing sales, slowing growth, turning off customers and keeping your business from being its best. Let us show you how to get your message out to your customers with our consumer marketing services.

Not only do we want to solve your business challenges, but we want to take the problems your business once faced and turn them into profit centers. Frescodata has a data-first mentality to understand and ultimately solve the issues facing our clients. Our goal is to generate complex sales or improve performance so significantly that it reflects a measurable ROI. 


People-Based Marketing

Consumer Data

Marketing agencies globally are increasingly incorporating consumer data into their process. Today, it is imperative that marketing decisions are based on customer-acquisition numbers and customer insights. Frescodata helps its customers with data-driven marketing strategies. A critical component of data-driven marketing strategies is consumer data. Consumer data allows marketers to understand the buyer’s intent while also personalizing their messages to customers. There is a wealth of information that businesses can use to market to their customers more efficiently. It is truly increasing customer engagement while saving businesses money.

People are becoming more sensitive about sharing their data while regulators are stepping up their requirements which protect consumer privacy. Ultimately, some companies are learning that data protection and privacy are not only an essential component regarding their customer relationships, but they may also be used as an advantage.

Digital technology has become an increasingly important part of people’s lives. Their data creates an environment where businesses can improve their customer engagement and create responsibility to keep consumer data safe. Data such as customer location information and additional types of personally identifiable information are extremely valuable to marketers and the companies they serve. With today’s tools, marketers can use consumer data to understand their challenges or fulfill their needs better. Not only does this data help businesses develop their products and services, but it also is being used by marketers to reach their customers with the right message at the right time during their buying process.

Consumer data is changing how businesses work. However, with the new opportunities that consumer data offers to business advertising, those businesses are also expected to manage the collected data responsibly.

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