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With access to official government data for 90+ countries globally, FrescoData is the single and final source for all your data requirements.

FrescoData is your single-source solution for global, non-marketing people data from licensing to installation.

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Global Coverage

What truly sets FrescoData apart is our official global data sources, such as voter data, tax registries, utility files and credit data. We’ve established relationships with governments, businesses and entities within 90+ countries to provide our clients with the most robust data offering available on the market today.

With secure and reliable data sources that are able to be installed in your infrastructure, we can help you can meet a variety of business data needs such as identity verification, data licensing, data enhancement, data validation, AML & KYC Compliance, and fraud and risk protection.

We’ve established relationships with governments, businesses and entities within 90+ countries.

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Comprehensive Data Sources

Government Electoral Data

Providing the highest country coverage and most accurate consumer and business data, official Government electoral data is the gold standard in data licensing and identity verification. Meeting the requirements of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance laws, our clients place a high level of trust in these data sources.

Utility Data

Get access to consumer records from cable, telephone, gas and electricity companies. Updated daily for most data sources, these reliable and accurate consumer data sources can be utilized to verify identities and reduce fraud. While it may be simple to create a fake ID, it is very difficult to get fraudulent consumer data into our Utility databases.

Official Passport Data

International passports are universally accepted as an identifying document. With access to passport data on a global level, we provide our clients with an abundance of consumer data in one of the most accurate, well-maintained and government-backed databases available on the market today.

Official Corporate Registries

Verifying corporations has long been a challenge in the industry, especially on a global level. FrescoData provides access to Official Corporate Registries, including information such as shareholder details, key personnel records, financial and company credit history, structure and company documents. This brings to the market a solid solution for verifying company information, which can be an invaluable tool for anyone servicing business accounts.

Government Tax Registries

Cross-reference customer information against records from official government tax registries for both consumers and businesses. Utilizing National and Tax ID Numbers, this data provides some of the most accurate matching and creates a high level of trust and assurance for our clients. and also meets Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance laws.

Census Bureau & Public Records

Utilize our public records data to gain access to census data, resident files, property titles, marriage licenses, court dockets and bankruptcy filing records. Allowing our clients to tap into a vast source of consumer data for their internal intelligence and verification, this unique data is not easily available on a global level.

Telco Mobile Subscriber Information

One of our most in-demand data sets globally, consumer mobile data has become a powerful tool. Our clients utilize this data to enhance their own internal data and create security processes that are difficult for fraudsters to work around. These databases are updated daily and have become a go-to data source for our largest clients.

Official Land Registries

Get access to official land registries and obtain records for purchases, sales, mortgages, remortgages, and other related transactions. This data can be utilized for both consumer and business data sets. Perhaps more of a niche data set depending on the client’s requirements, this is a unique set of records for the appropriate use case.

Credit Institution Data

Credit institution data is an official database that is approved for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. With this information, you can match information with registered creditors and retrieve credit histories from all over the globe. The quality and accuracy of this data is a historical wealth of information, creating security and trust within our clients’ internal databases.

Official Postal Service Information

Secure access to information for current addresses, changes of address and mailing lists. Official postal service information is a great database to utilize for data appending, data validation and data enhancement. This database will ensure that your internal customer records are accurate, standardized and updated regularly. Not only will an outdated customer record hinder your company’s growth, it is also an avoidable expense when managed properly.

Official Motor Vehicle Department Data

Obtain valuable information on vehicle and vessel records, driver’s license information and driving history reports from official motor vehicle offices around the world. This data meets Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance laws and can be utilized for verifying and onboarding customers.

Mortgage Databases

Gain secured access to information from lenders and mortgage agencies around the world. This data that can be utilized in conjunction with internal data to enhance intelligence around your customer base.

The Process

We always start with a smart strategy in order to get the best results, that are accurate, targeted and compliant with all local laws.

Identify Data Source

We seek to know and understand precisely what you need before providing a data solution. We will develop a strategy and identify a data source based on the fields, geography, and use case requirements.

Step 1
Feasibility Study

FrescoData will conduct a feasibility study to understand the local compliance laws, client storage capabilities and problem you are trying to solve. Then, we will research to see which solution would best serve your needs.

Step 2
Full File Install

FrescoData will facilitate the data transfer from the data source to your location. We will maintain data compliance with all local laws and ensure that the data is transferred securely. [API connections are available as an alternative to a full file install]

Step 3
Regular Updates

To keep your data current, FrescoData will deliver regular updates as frequently as weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Our frequent updates provide you with the strongest and most accurate data, guaranteeing your time and budgets are spent wisely.

Step 4

From Identity Verification, to Behavior Monitoring We'll Help You Collect the Right Data

Identity Verification

Utilize data to authenticate and onboard new users to ensure your customers are who they say they are.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Use data that meets the requirements for risk prevention and AML compliance to keep bad actors out of your system.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Implement systems that identify fraud, verify customer identities and maintain compliance.

Fraud & Risk Compliance

Incorporate data intelligence to proactively protect your business from identity fraud, data breaches and non-compliance.

Age Verification

Protect your company from legal and financial liabilities in an age-restricted space with integrated data solutions.

Behavior Monitoring

Detect, track and stop the fraudulent behavior before it affects your business.

Phone Verification

Verify and qualify phone numbers for all of your customers to ensure they are accurate and real.

Email Verification

Check the validity and activity level of the email your customer has provided to ensure they are providing accurate information and not bypassing essential security functions.


Geocoding solutions provide advanced fraud protection and better analytics, especially in countries where addresses are not standardized.

Customer Onboarding

Verify and qualify phone numbers for all of your clients and customers to ensure they are accurate and real.


Protect your business from performing transactions with persons or organizations listed on the OFAC & PEP watchlists.

Employee Verification

Confirm a potential employee’s past work experience and run background checks internally to protect your company’s safety and culture.

Industry Solutions

We provide ground-breaking industry solutions to help our clients stay competitive in today’s market. Whether it is email marketing or enhancing your online presence, FrescoData is your one-stop shop for all things marketing.

Banking & Finance

Make compliance with industry regulations seamless and simple.

Age-Restricted Commerce

Prevent age-restricted product sales to youth in customer-not-present scenarios.

Sharing Economy

Create a safe community for your customers with the power of data.


Accurate and global people data for security and regulation.

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Case Study

How We Helped One of the Largest Global Banks in the Industry

Our client utilized FrescoData’s comprehensive global consumer data to solve their KYC (Know Your Customer) challenges while maintaining compliance with strict local data privacy laws. As a single source for multiple countries in various regions, we were able to provide our client with an in-house solution, updated on a monthly basis, that allowed them to create the internal infrastructure to support the new initiative.

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