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Data-Driven Solutions for Lenders

FrescoData generates more credible equipment financing and working capital leads for lenders, reduce their resources and marketing spend, and increase their lead conversions by 10-30%. Set up your sales team for success by providing them with high-converting leads, reduce non-productive cold-calling time and resources, reduce sales team turnover, and be their hero.
Data-Driven Solutions for Lenders

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On the Pulse of Growing Companies and Loan Indicators

FrescoData monitors companies that are growing consistently and are perpetually ripe for equipment or working capital loans. Our distinct advantage is finding creditworthy business owners who are more likely to take loans from direct lenders vs. non-traditional banks using our predictive customer modeling strategy, which comprises of FrescoData Intent Data™️ and year-over-year marketing and advertising spend. We cross-reference this against FrescoData Business Credit™️ data points to identify and convert growth companies at 10%-30% higher than leads from other business credit data companies.
  • Group 8@2xCreated with Sketch. We identify and convert growth companies at 10%-30% higher than leads from other business credit data companies.

Why FrescoData

Other data providers (list sellers) offer opaque, generic data and do not divulge 95% of their data points; additionally, they charge a premium for key qualifiers such as annual revenue. FrescoData boasts an effective mix of data sourcing + filtering for the customers’ custom requirements + complete digital end-to-end marketing campaigns + continued remarketing + Predictive Customer Modeling + proprietary business credit scoring.
  • Group 8@2xCreated with Sketch. We offer the most credible lists in the industry, which significantly saves lenders’ resources and customer acquisition costs.
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"FrescoData knew my exact needs to target the right business owners who needed financing."

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What is Business Credit Scoring?

The proprietary FrescoData Business Credit Score™️ comprises of verifying the below data points, which are baked into our Predictive Customer Modeling in order to deliver qualified data. Our experience has revealed that this is an unprecedented deliverable for a list seller, and we’re constantly sharpening our capabilities to differentiate FrescoData and maintain our role as the most robust digital marketing and lead generation company in the world. We appreciate the fundamental (and costly, resource-intensive) decision-making steps that small and mid-size business lenders must take after they receive raw data from other business contact data and credit institutions. Knowing this, we leverage our tech to alleviate the hard costs that lenders invest to verify data points such as:

  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Business owners’ personal credit
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Credit bureaus combined 3 scores
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Years in business
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Loans outstanding
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Bankruptcy
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Business type
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Locations/offices
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Employees
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Patents
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Trademarks
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Commercial land ownership (assets) vs. lease

What is the Benefit of FrescoData Intent Data™️?

A unique advantage of FrescoData enables us to identify B2B prospects’ online search activity and match to that prospect. We keep track of the level of search activity, which conveys intent, so that our clients know when their prospects are in the market for an equipment loan or working capital – vs. relying too much on having their sales team repetitively and blindly cold call prospects for lack of visibility into their needs, waste time chasing non-creditworthy prospects, relying on inbound leads, or losing leads to vendors that offer in-house equipment financing. FrescoData Intent Data™️ is an advantage that enables lenders to get ahead of important financing decisions with perfect timing.

Data-Driven Business Loan Customer Conversion Strategy

FrescoData uses the power of data + digital marketing to help lenders qualify and convert diligently filtered leads into customers. Our Digital Marketing Team manages the entire customer conversion funnel and offers a unique approach to marketing strategy, which (depending on client needs) consists of features like:

  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. IP appends to businesses, match to customers’ existing direct marketing prospects.
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Supply direct mail prospecting lists.
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Outbound email marketing and remarketing: successfully deliver drip marketing campaigns into inboxes vs. spam folders, connecting IPs into digital remarketing ecosystem, and tracking conversions, response and click-through-rates.
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. Creative marketing ideas to enhance conversions, custom to each company.
  • Stroke 4@2xCreated with Sketch. LinkedIn marketing – delivering direct messages to large concentrations of prospects on a consistent basis, and leading them down the sales funnel.

Need higher-converting, high-quality lists for your sales team?

Send us a message or call 1.888.902.5106 to speak with a specialist who focuses on lead generation for the equipment and working capital loan industry. If you’d like to discuss our custom creative ideas to beat the competition, we’re happy to talk with you today.

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