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Using the power of data + digital marketing to help universities with enrollment and brand awareness.

Experience working with a company who understands the requirements of marketing higher education and has the data to reach potential students and working professionals early in their decision-making process.

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Why FrescoData

Building your Marketing Campaigns One Targeted Audience at a Time.

We are global leaders who provide premium quality email lists, marketing lists and data-driven solutions all over the world. Companies all over the world rely on us for the success of their marketing campaigns. With a global database of over 3+ billion and growing, a team over 100+ dedicated researchers we can achieve a 99% inbox landing deliverability with the most up to date opt-in data.

Email-Verification We can achieve a 99% Inbox Landing Deliverability

“FrescoData knew my exact needs to target students.”

Marketing Decision Maker

University Brand Awareness & Early Engagement

  • Early Engagement with High School Students and Their Guardians
  • Multi-channel & Targeted Marketing for Selected Geographies & Demographics
  • Advertise Campus Tours to Your Ideal Students
  • Extend your Reach with Efficient and Effective Email & Digital Marketing Campaigns

Enrollment Strategies

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns to Generate Student Enrollment
  • Reach Working Professionals and Executives Directly to Build Your Executive Education Programs
  • Linkedin Campaigns to Target Working Professionals for Your Extension Courses & Online Programs

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Our Higher Education Marketing Strategy

Traditional marketing strategies used by Higher Education for decades like direct mail, TV, radio, and print ads are not as effective in today’s always-connected digital world. Universities are looking for digital marketing experts to cut through the noise and earn the attention of potential students.

FrescoData’s team of experts utilize the power of data + today’s most effective technologies to deploy intelligent, powerful and effective digital marketing campaigns for the country’s top universities.

Welcome to our white-glove approach to handling your marketing efforts holistically from start to finish

Our Data

  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • Young Adult Data
  • Executives and Working Professionals

Identify Target Audience​

Our solution experts work with you to identify the exact audience you are looking to reach. Whether you are targeting Juniors in high school, working professionals or Executives, we dig into our database of 300+ million records to extract a custom list of your prospective students.

  • Marketing Directly to the Best Student Prospects.
  • Use Your Own Data to Identify Buyer Personas.
  • Process to a Global Database Full of Potential Students.


Plan Email Drip Campaigns

Email continues to rule ROI in the digital marketing landscape. Your campaign will begin with a series of outbound emails to the custom list we built. Our team will consult with you on the type of content, CTA’s and landing pages for each email to ensure a successful campaign.

  • Engage Directly with Prospective Students.
  • Educate and Build Brand Awareness.
  • Targeted and Personalized Approach to Create Connections.

We will help you to:

  • Find more students consistent with your ideal prospect.
  • Engage with high intent audiences
  • Connect to prospective students across the web & on social media platforms.


Retargeting & Social Media

As the email campaigns deploy, we will also integrate digital marketing campaigns driven by AI to serve ads to the most engaged prospects. This advanced intelligence works to understand the audience’s behavior and track conversions to increase the precision of the ads, all while creating lookalike audiences to continue expanding your reach.


Marketing Automation

Many universities are operating in digital silos with departments running different campaigns with different agencies. Managing inhouse data in disconnected system can complicate outreach efforts. FrescoData will set up and manage your marketing automation so all your efforts are tracked in a single location and reporting on ROI is seamless and simple. We will automate repetitive tasks, systematize lead nurturing and track conversions so your student leads are never slipping through the cracks.

  • Truly Identify the Marketing Channels with Best ROI.
  • Refine Your Marketing Processes.
  • Provide Powerful CRM to Your Enrollment Teams.

Full and Complete Reporting

  • Full and Complete Reporting on all Marketing Activities
  • Custom Strategies and Solutions that Meet Your Exact Requirements
  • Continuous Monitoring the Performance of Every Component
  • Full Access to Tracking and Reporting Features Within the Automation Platform


Tracking and Transparent ROI

FrescoData provides full and complete reporting on all digital marketing activities that we manage for you. Every client is unique and we custom-build strategies and solutions that meet their exact requirements. Once a campaign is deployed, we are continuously monitoring the performance of every component to ensure we are achieving the required results. Our clients have full access to tracking and reporting features within the automation platform for full transparency.

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Built on Trust

FrescoData takes data privacy and compliance very seriously. We confirm that all marketing contacts sold or rented to our clients are opt-in. For sensitive official government data, we ensure our clients are utilizing the data in a way that is compliant with local, national and global laws. With our fingers on the pulse of data privacy globally, our clients do not need to worry about violating privacy laws when utilizing our data.


Case Study

Data-Driven Results for New York University

Our Higher Education client utilized FrescoData’s robust global data to identify targeted lists intended for reaching a new market and promoting its professional programs. The institution’s goal for the campaign was to not only create brand awareness in a new market but also to attract prospective students to enroll.

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