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FrescoData Events Marketing Services guarantee successful events. Conferences, trade shows, seminars, product launches, workshops, awards shows  or any event to promote your business will attract more attendees simply because of our robust leads.  FrescoData’s engagement strategies will help you achieve your goals.

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Proprietary B2B and B2C contact databases

Leverage our proprietary B2B and B2C contact databases.  FrescoData leads will help you identify prospective attendees, sponsors and partners. Our service will help you develop marketing strategies that:

  • Reach the right target audience
  • Increase event attendance
  • Improve event ROI
  • Increase event sponsorships
  • Build event brand awareness

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Data-Driven Event Marketing

Events can take place on-line, off- line, in-person, in small venues or large convention centers. Whatever the type of event, our robust data-driven solutions will identify potential attendees and stakeholders and generate interest through carefully targeted email and social media campaigns.

Whether we partner with your marketing team, or we act as your marketing team, FrescoData delivers measurable results to ensure your events are well-advertised and well-attended.

  • FrescoData delivers measurable results

Reach the Right Target Audience

The audience for a temporary pop-up shop in a select retail location for a new product demo is much different than for an exhibit at a big trade show. FrescoData Events Marketing targets the audience right for your event.

FrescoData maintains a proprietary global database of over 3.5 billion contacts. Your target audience is there—we can identify it, segment it, manage it and use it to communicate your message directly and successfully. We can also incorporate your in-house data to boost the target audience outreach.

“Email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom, with a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent.”

— Campaign monitor

Increase Event Attendance

Well-designed and executed email campaigns designed from your  target audience are the strength and power our digital marketing solution. A personalized approach that effectively engages prospective attendees not only generates interest and brand awareness about your events, it leads directly to higher events sign-ups and purchases.

As a full-service data and digital marketing services provider, FrescoData leverages data to develop email and social media campaigns designed not only to attract interest and generate excitement about your event but convert that initial interest into attendance registrations.

Improve Event Marketing ROI

FrescoData Event Marketing services increase the ROI of your in-person and online events. We offer clear, measurable indices. For example, over an eight-month period, here’s what FrescoData achieved for a major Events client:

  • Doubled email open rate
  • 10 times increase in click rate
  • 99% deliverability

You expect results that lead to improved business. FrescoData digital event marketing campaigns get you those results in ways we can clearly show you.

Manage Your Event Marketing

Effective digital event marketing is not a one-time activity. FrescoData provides a complete automated management solution that integrates all your marketing efforts to effectively:

  • Track and refine your marketing campaigns to improve ROI
  • Automate repetitive tasks and eliminate manual labor
  • Systemize lead generation
  • Provide a powerful CRM tool to your marketing team

Case Study: How We Helped a Global Event Company

FrescoData helped DMG Events ME access target demographic, extend its reach and boost attendance across multiple countries. Using its extensive network of response-based data, FrescoData created a robust list for an effective marketing campaign.

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How We Work with You to Build Successful Events

Making people aware of your events, getting them interested and excited, not to mention getting them to register and attend is a specialized art.  Most internal marketing departments and even many full-service advertising agencies may lack the dedicated capabilities to develop and execute a customized marketing events strategy.  Rely on FrescoData to achieve event success. Here’s how FrescoData collaborates with you to build an event marketing plan that achieves your business goals.

Define event type

The type of event and what you are hoping to accomplish with the event defines the marketing strategy. A large trade show or conference in a major city addresses a different audience, requires different resources and event marketing strategies than a local product launch party or workshop.

Step 1
Set measurable objectives

What’s the objective of the event? To promote a product, announce a new division, share your thoughts with people who might be potential partners? We set objectives that are measurable.

Step 2
Determine target audience

The event type and objectives determine the target audience. With a comprehensive database compiling carefully cultivated contact lists, the campaign maintains laser focus only on those who best fit the event. Cast too broad a net and you’re wasting time and money. Cast the net in the wrong body of water, and you don’t catch what you’re fishing for.

Step 3
Set budget

Tell us your budget, and we’ll tell you exactly what we can —and cannot—do to implement an effective event marketing campaign. Once your budget is set, we adhere to it and deliver results.

Step 4
Integrate theme and content

We work with you to integrate your marketing campaign with the theme of the event. Incorporating the logos, color schemes, copy tone and overall voice of your brand creates a cohesive feel and develops connections with your target audience at the subconscious level – as in when they see your branding, they immediately think of your event.

Step 5
Determine and schedule campaign elements

How many emails are you sending and in what sequence? What should the event website look like and when should it be launched? What advertising and social media platforms need to be to utilized to promote and build awareness of the event? A carefully laid-out schedule of key marketing activities is designed to fit your budget and event objectives.

Step 6

Any event marketing campaign is a daunting undertaking. Which , which is why you have FrescoData Event Marketing. We will help you to coordinate your brand strategies and objectives into a successful campaign that will achieve meaningful results and generate actionable data.

Step 7

Just because your event is over doesn’t mean your event campaign is over. The very next thing after your event is offer is to assess whether it met the objectives and achieved desired results. And from that data determine how to improve on the next event.

Step 8

“Events need to be assessed with hard metrics, rather than just ‘gut-feel’ opinions and feedback forms.”

— 8 Steps for Creating a Great Event Marketing Plan

Built on Trust

FrescoData provides full and complete reporting on all digital marketing activities we manage on your behalf. You have continuous access to every digital marketing campaign component through easy-to-understand tracking and reporting dashboards. You see what we see. And we think you’ll be pleased with what you see.

No one has a better appreciation of data privacy protections and compliance than a company in the business of compiling and providing databases. All marketing contacts sold or reported to clients by FrescoData are fully compliant with local, national and global laws and are subject to contact opt-in approval. When you use our data, you are using data that is legally obtained and ethically handled. We built our business on trust, so you can trust us, completely.

When you use our data, you are using data that is legally obtained and ethically handled.


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