The latest trend for a low-cost, faster ROI and effective marketing is to buy an email list and send your message out to multiple prospects very fast. However, there are a lot of factors that you need to be aware of when buying a legitimate email list.

Ask these questions to yourselves:

If you know satisfactory answers to all of the above questions, you are purchasing an email list from the right provider. FrescoData’s Business and Consumer email lists comprises of legitimate, high quality and targeted contacts that offer you the best ROI on the your marketing spend. These contacts have not been “farmed”, rented or collected from data mining companies. We only provide genuine email lists for marketing that can help you boost conversion rates.While you are at liberty to buy email lists online, we guarantee you that FrescoData’s email lists will help you contact and connect with qualified customers.

When you buy email lists for marketing from FrescoData, you can expect to increase your email open rates and click through rates faster than businesses that use email lists from unscrupulous vendors. We guarantee valuable email contacts that you can target easily and quickly anytime. We only supply our customers with relevant and targeted email lists, that have an amazing conversion rate and a better response rate as compared to any other email list providers in the list industry.

Targeted Email Lists

Buying targeted email lists from FrescoData will definitely help you acquire valuable email contacts for your email marketing campaigns. We have a comprehensive and up-to-date database of targeted email lists that you can use to build a steady subscriber and or prospect base for your company or business.
Whether your target audience is B2C or B2B, we have an expertise in delivering accurate email lists for both the segments.

Business Email Lists

The email lists we offer for B2B marketing can be selected by job roles such as C-Level, HR, IT, Operations, Product, Finance, etc.. There are various other selects available as Industry, Sales Revenue, Company Size, and Geographical areas.

Consumer Email Lists

B2C email lists can be selected by geography, age, gender, income level, education and multiple other demographical selects available on the file.

Our elaborate segmentation will help you target your prospects better and increase the success of your online marketing campaigns.You can also use the email list segmentation to re-target prospects in your email marketing campaign.

Why buy FrescoData’s email lists?

Advantages of Fresco Email Lists:

Every time you acquire email lists from FrescoData for targeted marketing, you have the full assurance that you will enjoy maximum and guaranteed deliverability. We don’t want you to spend money on unreliable email lists whose reliability and validity is not confirmed. FrescoData email list experts continuously verify the email contacts in our database which ensures that you have valid and reliable contacts for your marketing campaign.

Buying email lists

Apart from that, FrescoData email lists come with an unlimited and comprehensive before and after sales support. We’re not only confident of the quality of our email lists, but we back each order with a guarantee. Whether you are wanting to email the HR professionals, finance executives, or IT decision makers, we give you full assurance that you will receive good value for your money.

Don’t spend money on unreliable email lists, order valid and cost-effective email lists from FrescoData and enjoy 100% ROI today!