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Month: April 2015

Six Guidelines to Improve Direct Mail Marketing in 2015

In direct mail marketing, some fundamentals never change. But those basics needs to be amplified with the help of updated insights from time to time. Direct mail marketing will only
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Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Marketing Enterprises

Digital marketing has been described as the most entrepreneurial job in the online space. The job role involves expertise in handling content across various digital platforms where small start-ups strive
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4 Email Marketing Strategies for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing remains to be one of the highest grossing industries. Often, it becomes impossible for small businesses to connect with high-net-worth manufacturing industry across the globe. Let’s take a case
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Digital Marketing: Has Digital Marketing Become Obsolete?

With the evolutionary change in the digital marketing space, marketeers have stepped into a whole-new era of experience marketing. The concept is that consumers are expecting marketeers to serve content
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Four CAN-SPAM Mistakes to avoid in Email Marketing

The CAN-SPAM Act was enacted in the year 2003 for regulating all commercial emails. The law states that commercial email message is an electronic message which has the sole intention
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Email Marketing: 10 Ways to Increase Open Rates by 30 Percent

Email marketing has become an essential part for targeting prospects and engaging with them continuously. As per an emarketeer’s report, approx 97 percent of small business units use email to
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Email Lists: Three Obstacles to Email List Growth

According to a new survey study on email list growth reports by BlueHornet and Ascend2 with respect to sales, marketing and business professionals from worldwide; around 68 percent of B2C
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Big Data Consulting Services: Beneficial For Big Data Startups

Big Data has always been challenging and even messier to manage for big data initiatives. Businesses are day-by-day jotting down new marketing strategies to retain their brand in such an
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Email Marketing Campaign Re-engagement Strategies

Email has worked out as the best email marketing instrument to carry out email marketing campaigns. It has revolutionized business communication. Now, every marketing business finds it easy to connect
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