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Month: August 2016

The Herculean Task of Navigating IOC’s Brand Enforcement

The Rio Olympics are a hot topic right now. Every outlet from the news to Facebook is flooded with images of athletes, races, competitions, and games. Everyone is busy wishing
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Privacy Shield Approved: Was The Decision Rushed?

After the EU invalidated Safe Harbor back in October 2015, businesses have been in a state of limbo. Finally, a new framework appeared and was just recently approved: Privacy Shield.
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How To Design Mobile Friendly Email Campaigns

There are higher chances for your emails to receive good opening rates if you’re following mobile friendly email campaigns. These days, a majority of individuals prefer to open their emails
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Your Guide on How To Reduce Email Bounce Rate

There’s no meaning of putting efforts in doing something if that doesn’t deliver any outcome. We all experience disappointment at some point may it be in our relationships, our expensive
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