How To Design Mobile Friendly Email Campaigns

There are higher chances for your emails to receive good opening rates if you’re following mobile friendly email campaigns. These days, a majority of individuals prefer to open their emails on smartphones or tablets than on computer desktops. According to a recent count offered by Litmus, almost 53 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices. In a similar research, Movable Ink suggests 67 percent of emails on average are opened on mobile. Different studies offer different results, but the trend remains the same. Responsive email design is the new cool.

Below listed are a few tips to design email campaigns that are mobile friendly.

Tips for Mobile Friendly Email Campaigns

Leading marketers have started hiring designers to optimize emails for mobile by making it user-friendly. When you use best email practices and clean design, your campaigns will surely receive increased open and click-through rates. Even if you’re not willing to hire a designer, create your emails in a way, which look appealing on mobile as well as on the desktop. The bottom line is, do not miss bigger marketing opportunities by not following the trend of responsive email design.
Design Mobile Friendly Email Campaigns

Make First Three Seconds Highly Appealing

It has been noted that nearly half of mobile readers are used to spending hardly three seconds with emails. And this counts only those individuals who read your emails at all. The figure doesn’t include the subscribers who dodge your emails without paying much heed into it. Of course, some readers will stay longer, you never know. But, you must focus on making the first part highly appealing, which would force readers to check the contents inside.

Always Go For Short Subject Lines

Sender name is more prominent in smartphones, but subject lines matter a lot. Time and again, studies have shown that longer subject lines are also fine, but it’s better if you keep them short and simple. In fact, we would recommend you to keep your subject lines limited up to 30 characters. Along with shorter subject lines, you can personalize the emails. It captures the attention of the subscribers when they notice an email addressed to them in their notification bar.

Do Not Miss the Opportunity to Optimize Preheader Text

When you’re in the middle of performing email marketing campaigns that target smartphone-savvy public, always remember that more space is allocated to the preheader text as compared to subject lines. You should make the most out of it. Place important and eye-catching information in the preheader space. You can include a call to action in this space as well.

Keep Your Emails Alignment Friendly

You never know what alignment your subscribers might choose while reading an email. They can read it horizontally or vertically on their device, depending upon their preferences. Design your email in a way that it looks good in both landscape and portrait view.

Image Size Must Be Small

It’s highly irritating when images take a longer time to load in an email. After all, you cannot be sure every subscriber is using 4G or some other super fast connectivity. In countries like India, China, etc., a majority of individuals still use 2G connections. You need to design your emails with images having a smaller size so it can cut out unnecessary load timings.

Call to Action Should Be Clickable

Call to action option must be clickable. The minimum size recommended for a call to action is 44 x 44 pixels having 10 pixels of the area around them. Your task is to make it easy for your subscribers to read and perform a call to action. Why make it hard for them?

So these are a few tips on how to design mobile friendly email campaigns. You can use them while designing your next email campaign.

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