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Month: August 2018

How to Maintain a Positive Email Reputation

Last week we talked about how you can effectively blacklist yourself on email servers. Blacklisting is when emails are blocked from sending out campaigns because they have been identified as
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How to Prevent Getting Blacklisted on a Cold Email Campaign

Blacklisting is a term that applies to the practice of identifying email spammers. Spammers are identified based on the IPs and domains they send emails from. This information is compiled
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Cold Emails and Three Factors to Consider

Cold emails are tricky. They are much different than cold calls where you can interact with another person and convince them to listen to you. With cold emails, you can
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Ouch! Email Marketing Pain Points

Creating email marketing campaigns can be a cumbersome experience. It can get tedious to constantly be developing email campaign after email campaign. Following email marketing, best practices can be tiresome
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International Spam Laws

The world is becoming more and more interconnected every day. This means communication between people all over the world is happening at an unprecedented rate. Marketers have used this momentum
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To Opt-In or to Opt-Out?

Opt-in and opt-out forms determine how your audience consents to receive your email campaigns. It is critical to understand how this process happens. In this day and age, you can
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