7 CTV Campaign Ideas Inspired By Best TV Ads

Remember the good old days – when no annoying ads were popping up every few seconds?? 

There were just a few TV commercials during shows and movies, which were bearable—in fact, primarily memorable with their creative themes, slogans, and jingles.

Those TV commercials were events in their own right, with some people eagerly anticipating the newest Coca-Cola or Pepsi ad or the latest clever jingle from a household brand. 

These ads were crafted with creativity and care, often becoming part of the shared experience of watching television.

Inspired by some of the best TV ads of yesteryears, I am going to present 7 innovative CTV campaign ideas & ways to recreate them with a better & latest technique of advertising – CTV advertising. 

The concepts I’m going to mention will leverage the best of traditional advertising while integrating the latest techniques in CTV advertising.

Let’s delve in!

Snickers – Featuring Mr Bean

This ad features sneakers with its all-time favorite slogan – “YOU ARE NOT YOU WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY.” 

What Does This Ad Show?

The advertisement features Mr. Bean, a character known for his bumbling and comedic antics, in a martial arts setting. Mr. Bean, who is out of place and clumsy, struggles to keep up with the other warriors. He then eats a Snickers bar and transforms back into a skilled martial artist, implying that hunger makes him act like Mr. Bean and that eating a Snickers restores his usual self. 

The tagline of the Snickers advertisement featuring Mr. Bean is “YOU ARE NOT YOU WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY,” which emphasizes that eating a Snickers bar satisfies hunger and restores one’s normal behavior.

How To Incorporate this into CTV Commercials?

Implementing this Snickers advertisement with Connected TV (CTV) ads can be done effectively through the following steps:

— Targeted Audience Segmentation – With CTV ads, we have access to all the crucial insights of our target audience, which empowers us to reach the right segment with a personalized approach. 

In this particular scenario, we can reach the viewers of the iconic show Mr. Bean, and then you can run this ad just when they are watching his show. 

For a few seconds, the user would feel as if they are still watching the show, thinking it’s just a continuation. This seamless integration grabs their attention immediately before they realize it’s an ad, giving you enough time to capture their interest. 

Starting with a scene mimicking the show’s style and characters, followed by subtle signs of hunger and humorous disruptions, keeps viewers engaged. Quickly introducing the Snickers bar and the transformation, along with interactive elements, reinforces the message “You’re not you when you’re hungry” effectively.

— Dynamic Ad Insertion: Utilize CTV platforms that allow for dynamic ad insertion to seamlessly integrate the Snickers bar into relevant content streams, ensuring it reaches the targeted audience. 

— Interactive Elements: With CTV ads, we can also incorporate interactive elements such as clickable overlays that direct viewers to buy Snickers, which was not possible with traditional advertising. This way, you are not just running a one-way brand awareness campaign but an interactive campaign that converts them, too!

Measurement and Optimization: Leverage CTV’s advanced analytics capabilities to measure ad performance in real-time, adjusting the campaign as needed to optimize reach and impact. 

Cross-Platform Integration: Ensure the ad campaign is consistent across multiple platforms, reinforcing the message whether viewers are watching on a smart TV, mobile device, or computer.

Pet Products Company – Chewy 

What Does This Ad Show?

The advertisement titled “Pets Aren’t Just Pets, They’re More: Best Friend” by Chewy highlights the deep bond between pets and their owners. It shows conversation between a dog & his owner, emphasizing the pet’s roles as best friends, companions, and family members. 

The ad aims to resonate emotionally with pet owners, reinforcing the message that pets are not just animals; they are members of the family. Chewy, a pet food and other pet-related products-based company, positions itself as a brand that understands and supports this special relationship.

How To Implement this with CTV Ads?

With CTV ads, we can have details about pet owners, the products they constantly seek for their pets, and the brands they prefer, and we can leverage this information to show personalized ads to them. 

Or, in the case of this ad, we can show it to people searching for pet behavioral issues or other related issues to get their attention and invoke their curiosity about the solution to their problems. 

We can incorporate interactive features with CTV ads, such as clickable links or QR codes that direct viewers to Chewy’s website or special promotions, encouraging immediate engagement. 

IKEA – Furniture that makes space for you

What Does This Ad Show?

The advertisement titled “Furniture that makes space for you” showcases versatile and multifunctional furniture designed to maximize living space. The ad demonstrates how these pieces can transform small or cluttered areas into organized and functional spaces, catering to various needs and lifestyles. 

It highlights the ease of rearranging and adapting the furniture to different situations, emphasizing the theme of making the most out of limited space while maintaining style and comfort. The message is that this furniture can enhance your living environment by providing practical and stylish solutions for any room.  

How To Implement this with CTV Ads?

CTV Advertising can take this a notch higher in the following ways:

Target Audience 

We can target online furniture buyers, people looking to replace/repair their existing furniture, and those searching for ways to make their rooms look bigger. We can show them this ad to highlight the theme of this ad—”Furniture that makes space for you.” 

Advertisers can leverage data on viewer content preferences and behaviors to show the most relevant products, thus maximizing the ROAS. For example, if data shows that a particular show has a high viewership among people interested in modern decor, ads can be tailored accordingly to feature contemporary furniture styles.

Furthermore, these ads can be personalized based on the viewer’s previous interactions and purchase history. If a viewer has recently searched for or purchased home decor items, the ads can reflect complementary products, creating a more personalized shopping experience. This level of customization enhances the relevance of the ads, making them more appealing and less intrusive to the viewer.

Run Popup Ads

We can show CTV popup ads during shows and movies, right when viewers see beautiful furniture and decor in a scene. It can be highly effective as it captures the viewer’s attention at a moment of heightened interest. 

For instance, imagine a scene in a movie where the characters are sitting in a beautifully decorated living room. At that precise moment, a popup ad could appear on the screen showcasing similar furniture or decor items available for purchase. This seamless integration of ads into the viewing experience not only enhances user engagement but also increases conversions, as viewers are already emotionally connected to what they see on screen.

Moreover, these popup ads can be interactive, allowing viewers to click on them to learn more about the products, see different angles, or even purchase them directly. This real-time interaction bridges the gap between inspiration and action, making it easier for consumers to bring elements of their favorite shows and movies into their own homes.

Using AR Features

We can also use AR features to help viewers visualize how the furniture would look in their own space. Viewers can engage with the ads by clicking on them and exploring different product options. This level of interactivity will keep viewers engaged and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Choose Gentle | Johnson’s®

What Does This Ad Show?

The advertisement titled “Choose Gentle | Johnson’s®” highlights the importance of gentle care for babies. It features various scenes of parents tenderly interacting with their children, emphasizing the softness and gentleness of its products. The ad underscores the brand’s commitment to gentle and safe baby care, aligning with the emotional bond between parents and their babies. The central message is that their products are formulated to be gentle, ensuring the best care for delicate baby skin and hair.

How To Incorporate this into CTV Commercials?

Here’s how CTV advertising can further enhance this ad by targeting parents of newborns and infants & focusing on personalized messaging and direct shopping integration:

Behavioral Insights

We can analyze purchase patterns and behaviors to identify parents of newborn babies/infants consistently buying lower-quality or less reputable brands. Using this data, we can target these parents with ads emphasizing the importance of quality and safety for their babies.

Educational Content: Integrate educational content into the ads that inform parents about potential risks associated with inferior products. This can include expert opinions, safety standards, and comparisons that demonstrate how the advertised brand meets higher safety criteria.  

Direct Shopping Integration:-

Shoppable Ads: Enable interactive shoppable ads where parents can buy the product directly via their TV screens or CTV platforms. This seamless integration can drive immediate conversions. 

Product Availability: Link the ad to an online store or a list of nearby retailers where the product is available. This can include special offers, discounts, or bundle deals to incentivize purchases. 

Retargeting: Implement retargeting strategies for parents who have shown interest in the ad but haven’t made a purchase. Follow-up ads can offer additional incentives, reminders, or further information to encourage conversion. 

Cross-Platform Consistency: Ensure that the message is consistent across all platforms parents might use, such as mobile apps, social media, and websites. A cohesive message reinforces brand recognition and trust.

Discover Premium Economy Class | Emirates


What Does This Ad Show?

The advertisement titled “Discover Premium Economy Class | Emirates” highlights the features and benefits of Emirates’ Premium Economy Class. It showcases the spacious seating, enhanced comfort, and superior service that passengers can expect. 

The ad emphasizes the luxurious experience of flying in Premium Economy, offering a glimpse of high-quality amenities such as gourmet meals, increased legroom, and premium entertainment options. The main message is to entice travelers to upgrade to Premium Economy for a more comfortable and enjoyable flight experience.

How To Implement this with CTV Ads?

To effectively implement the “Discover Premium Economy Class” Emirates ad with CTV ads, consider the following strategy:

— Focus on frequent flyers, business travelers, and vacation planners who prioritize comfort and premium experiences. 

— Target people who left bad reviews, specifically about issues addressed in this ad, on competitors’ sites recently.

— Retarget people who initiated but did not finish the booking process (in short, abandoned bookings); this will remind them to complete the process. 

And then run the campaign across CTV platforms, monitoring performance and making changes on the go to maximize effectiveness and conversions.

Nike – Dream Crazier | #JustDoIt

What Does This Ad Show?

The Nike advertisement titled “Dream Crazier” features various female athletes who have overcome significant challenges and defied stereotypes to achieve greatness. The ad highlights moments of triumph and resilience, showcasing famous athletes. It encourages women to push boundaries, embrace their dreams, and not be afraid of being labeled as “crazy” for their ambitions. The central message is to inspire and empower women to pursue their goals fearlessly, reinforcing Nike’s “Just Do It” mantra. 

How To Implement this with CTV Ads?

This can be incorporated into CTV commercials in the following ways: 

— Run a branding campaign for females interested in sports or feminism & trigger their emotions. Thus, it will be easier for them to relate with this ad & the brand. 

— Integrate the ad into sports events, documentaries, or content related to women’s achievements to ensure relevance.

— Encourage viewers to share their own “Dream Crazier” stories through social media, creating a campaign hashtag to foster community engagement.

— Provide special offers or early access to new products for viewers who interact with the ad.

— Tailor the ad content to different regions, highlighting local female athletes and their achievements.

— Promote the ad during high-visibility moments in live women’s sports, leagues, or events.

What Does This Ad Show?

This is a 60-second commercial showcasing a BMW model – i5 M60 electric sedan. The ad titled “BMW 2024 Super Bowl Commercial” showcases BMW’s latest innovations and features in their 2024 models. The ad aims to highlight the brand’s commitment to cutting-edge technology, luxury, and performance, positioning BMW as a leader in the automotive industry. The commercial likely emphasizes key aspects such as advanced driving features, sleek design, and the excitement of driving a BMW.

How To Implement this with CTV Ads?

Elite Brands like BMW don’t run campaigns for the general public to maintain an aura of exclusivity and sophistication by focusing on targeted marketing efforts & to reinforce their premium image and cultivate a sense of belonging among their exclusive customer base, often leveraging luxury lifestyle events, partnerships with high-end brands, and tailored experiences for their discerning clientele.

Thus, running CTV ad campaigns for them demands a sophisticated approach that goes beyond ordinary advertising methods. It involves meticulous audience segmentation to target the most relevant viewers, crafting high-quality content that embodies luxury and sophistication, and strategically placing ads within premium and contextually relevant environments. 

Personalization based on data-driven insights further enhances the ad experience, while integration with other marketing channels ensures a cohesive brand presence. Timely analysis and optimization are essential to refine strategies and maximize ROI. 

By embracing these sophisticated tactics, brands like BMW can effectively engage their discerning audience and maintain their prestigious image in the competitive luxury automotive market.

We can employ several advanced CTV strategies to reach their desired demographic effectively. Here are some standard techniques we can use:

Contextual Targeting: Place the ads within premium and contextually relevant content, such as high-end lifestyle channels, luxury travel programs, or exclusive events coverage. This ensures that the ads are seen in environments that complement the brand’s image and resonate with the target audience. 

Personalization: Utilize data-driven insights to personalize the ad experience for individual viewers. Tailor the messaging, imagery, and offers based on the viewer’s preferences and past interactions with the brand to enhance relevance and engagement.  

Integration with Other Channels: Coordinate CTV advertising efforts with other marketing means, such as social media, email marketing, and influencer partnerships, to create a cohesive brand experience across multiple touchpoints.

Custom Audiences

Elite brands can create Custom Audiences in Google Ads based on various criteria, such as:

  • Customer Match: Using email addresses from their customer database to reach users who are already familiar with their brand.
  • Website Visitors: Targeting users who have previously visited their website or specific pages within their site.
  • App Users: Targeting users who have previously engaged with their mobile app.

Affinity Audiences

Google allows brands to target users based on their interests and habits. We can target affinity audiences such as:

  • Luxury Car Enthusiasts
  • High-End Product Shoppers
  • Business Professionals
  • Travel Buffs

In-Market Audiences

We can target people who are actively researching or comparing products and services in the market for luxury vehicles or related high-end products. 

Geographic Targeting

Targeting specific locations where their potential customers are more likely to be, such as affluent neighborhoods, cities, or countries.

Lookalike Audiences

Using data from their current customers, we can create lookalike audiences to find new potential customers who share similar characteristics.

Contextual Targeting

Placing ads on websites that are contextually relevant to luxury cars or high-end lifestyles, such as luxury lifestyle blogs, car enthusiast forums, and high-end product review sites.

Video Ads

Utilizing YouTube for video ads targeted at specific audiences, such as those who watch luxury car reviews, motorsports, or related content.

Programmatic CTV Advertising

We can use programmatic CTV ads to enable automated, real-time bidding systems to place ads across relevant sites and platforms, targeting specific audience segments with precision.


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