How To Write An Email Subject Line That Increases Clicks

There are many emails in your recipients’ inboxes, which makes it difficult for you to get their attention, as they are not going to open each one.

So, how do you ensure that yours is amongst the ones they are willing to open?

Yeah, you’ve guessed it right – by working around the thing that they see before they open it – The Subject Line.

A subject line plays a crucial role in getting clicks from your recipients as it is the first thing they see in their inbox.

So, if you want them to open it, then make it worth it.


Let’s find out!

What Exactly is an Email Subject Line?

Email Subject Line

A subject line is like the email heading, serving as the initial pitch to your recipient. 

It summarizes or, rather, hints at the contents of the message inside.

It’s your chance to capture their attention and ensure them that your message is worth opening. 

Just as a headline in a news article or a title in a book draws readers in, a compelling subject line can significantly impact the success of your email campaign.

What makes a Good Email Subject Line?

A good subject line would…

  • provoke your recipients to open your email 
  • be relevant to the content of the email and the interests and needs of your audience. 
  • clearly communicate what the email is about and why it matters to the recipient.
  • stand out in crowded inboxes. 
  • be easy to read on every device. 

Email Subject Line Best Practices 

By following the below-mentioned best practices, you can create effective email subject lines that are engaging & relevant:

Email Subject Line Character Limit 

Like webpage titles, email subject lines have a character limit to ensure they aren’t truncated and are fully visible on all devices.

Aim for email subject lines between 45-50 characters to ensure that they are fully visible on mobile devices.

Place the most important words at the beginning of the subject line to ensure that it doesn’t get truncated, even if you exceed the character limit while conveying the important information.

Use Preview Text

Preview Text

The preview text or preheader text is a snippet of your email that appears alongside the subject line in the inbox, providing a preview of the email’s content. 

It complements the subject line by adding more context to it.

Ensure the preview text supports and enhances the subject line, providing additional context or intrigue.

Use the preview text to convey important details that didn’t fit in the subject line, offering a more complete message at a glance.

Never Leave it Blank!

It is more like a subheading, so Make It Count.

Avoid Spam Triggers

Spam Email Keywords

Spam triggers are keywords that are considered spam by the email providers & recipients alike. 

Examples: “free,” “win,” “urgent,” “guaranteed,” and many more!

Try to avoid them in your subject lines at all costs to prevent your emails from landing in the spam folder.

Make It Relevant

Segregate your recipients into different groups/cohorts based on relevant criteria such as demographics, behaviors, preferences, or purchase history.

It will help you personalize the subject lines as per the needs of your specific audience segments, which will, in turn, increase the probability of engagement and conversion.

But always ensure the subject line accurately reflects the content of the email to meet recipients’ expectations, or they will bounce back and mark your emails as spam.

Use Action-provoking Verbs

Use action verbs to prompt immediate action, such as “download,” “join,” “explore,” or “discover.”

You can be more crafty while choosing the action verbs, depending on the goal of that particular email. 

Best Email Subject Examples

Here are some best email subject line examples for different scenarios to help you get inspiration for your email marketing campaigns.

In short, here are subject lines that get emails opened (mostly) 

Welcome Email Subject Lines

Special Welcome Offers

Subject: Welcome Aboard: Here’s a Gift as a Token of Appreciation
Subject: Thanks for Signing Up – Enjoy 10% Off Your First Order!

E-commerce Welcome

Subject: Welcome to [Store Name]! Let’s Go Shopping
Subject: Welcome! Discover Your Exclusive Member Benefits

New Subscriber Welcome

Subject: Welcome to the [Company Name] Family!
Subject: Thanks for Subscribing – Here’s What You’ll Get
Subject: Great Move! Are You Ready For The Best Part?

Best Follow-Up Email Subject Lines

After a Meeting or Call

SubjectFollowing Up on Our Recent Meeting
Subject: Great Speaking with You – Next Steps
Subject: Recap and Next Steps from Our Call

After Sending a Proposal or Quote

Subject: Checking In – Have You Had a Chance to Review Our Proposal?
Subject: Your Thoughts on Our Proposal?
Subject: Ready to Move Forward? Let’s Discuss Your Proposal

After a Networking Event

Subject: Great Meeting You at [Event Name]
Subject: Continuing Our Conversation from [Event Name]
Subject: Let’s Stay in Touch – Following Up from [Event Name]

After No Response

Subject: Just Checking In – Any Updates?
Subject: Following Up – Have You Had a Chance to Review?
Subject: Still Interested? Let’s Chat!

After a Product Demo

Subject: What Did You Think of the Demo?
Subject: Next Steps After Your Demo
Subject: Ready to Get Started? Following Up on Your Demo

After a Purchase or Trial

Subject: How’s Everything Going with [Product/Service]?
Subject: Any Questions About [Product/Service]?
Subject: We’d Love Your Feedback on [Product/Service]


Subject: Reminder: [Event/Deadline/Task]
Subject: Don’t Forget About [Event/Task]
Subject: Gentle Reminder: [Event/Task]

Review/Survey Email Subject Lines

General Survey Requests

Subject: Help Us Improve – Complete Our Quick Survey
Subject: Tell Us What You Think – Your Feedback is Important

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Subject: How Did We Do? Share Your Experience
Subject: Help Us Serve You Better – Take Our Satisfaction Survey

Product or Service Feedback

Subject: Share Your Thoughts on Our New [Product/Service]
Subject: Tell Us How We Can Improve [Product/Service]
Subject: Help Us Enhance [Product/Service] with Your Feedback

Event Feedback

Subject: How Was Your Experience at [Event]? Let Us Know
Subject: Thank You for Attending [Event]! Share Your Feedback
Subject: Help Us Improve Future Events – Take Our Survey

Event Email Subject Lines

Event Invitations

Subject: You’re Invited! Join Us for [Event Name]
Subject: Save the Date: [Event Name] on [Date]
Subject: Don’t Miss Out! Register Now for [Event Name]

Event Reminders

Subject: Last Chance to RSVP for [Event Name]
Subject: Don’t Forget! [Event Name] is This Week
Subject: Final Call! [Event Name] Happening Tomorrow

Event Updates

Subject: New Speakers Added to [Event Name] Lineup
Subject: Important Update: [Event Name] Venue Change
Subject: Get Ready! [Event Name] Schedule Now Available
Subject: Announcing Special Guests for [Event Name]

Event Thank You

Subject: Thank You for Attending [Event Name]!
Subject: Gratitude for Your Presence at [Event Name]
Subject: A Big Thank You for Making [Event Name] a Success

Event Follow-Up

Subject: Missed [Event Name]? Here’s What You Missed
Subject: Couldn’t Attend? Recap of [Event Name] Here
Subject: Catch Up on the Highlights of [Event Name]
Subject: Relive the Excitement: [Event Name] Recap Inside

Special Event Offers

Subject: Exclusive Discount for [Event Name] Attendees Only
Subject: Claim Your VIP Offer for [Event Name] Attendees
Subject: Unlock Your Event Discount – Limited Time Only

Networking Events Subject Lines

Subject: Expand Your Network at [Event Name]!
Subject: Connect with Industry Leaders at [Event Name]
Subject: Grow Your Contacts at [Event Name] Networking Mixer

Newsletter Email Subject Lines

Subject: This Week’s Top Stories and Tips
Subject: Top [Industry] Updates You Need to Know
Subject: Stay Ahead in [Industry]: This Month’s Highlights
Subject: The Latest [Industry] Insights for You

Product Launch Email Subject Lines

Subject: Announcing [Product Name]: Revolutionize the Way You [Use Case]
Subject: The Wait is Over: [Product Name] is Now Available!
Subject: Unveiling [Product Name]: The Future of [Industry/Category]
Subject: Sneak peek 🧐 – Introducing our new product

Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines

Subject: Price Drop Alert ⬇⬇⬇ – Check Out Now!
Subject: The Clock is Ticking ⏰ – Complete The Purchase Now!
Subject: Unlock Your Shopping Cart to Avail Exclusive Savings!
Subject: Make Room For New
Subject: Secure Your Favorites Before They Are Gone

Re-engagement Email Subject Lines

Subject: It’s Been Too Long! Here’s Something Special
Subject: Let’s Pick Up Where We Left Off
Subject: It’s Been a While! Check Out What’s New

Clever Email Subject Lines

Subject: Oops, We Did It Again – We Made You Greed More! 🎵
Subject: Stop, Drop, and Open Me: It’s Newsletter Time! 📩
Subject: Hit Snooze on Boring 🥱 Emails – Wake Up to This! ↗️

Metrics That Determine the Worth of Your Subject Lines

These metrics determine the worth of your subject lines as they are directly related:

Open Rate

It measures the percentage of people who opened the email out of the total number of people to whom the email was sent. 

As I said, the subject line is the first thing one sees when they receive an email. So, this metric directly determines how well your subject line & preheader text performed.

A high open rate indicates that your subject line was compelling enough to grab recipients’ attention and entice them to open the email.

Unsubscribe Rate

It is the percentage of recipients who opted out of receiving your emails. 

The unsubscribe rate is a crucial metric because it directly reflects how well your subject line sets expectations for the email content.

When recipients unsubscribe, it’s often because the content of the email didn’t align with what they were expecting based on the subject line. 

However, this misalignment could be due to various reasons other than the subject line.

By analyzing every important metric in detail, you’d be in a better position to determine whether your subject line is failing or there’s some other reason.

Spam Rate 

While the subject line is just one factor among many that can influence the spam rate, it does play a significant role. Here’s how:

Spam Trigger Words: Certain words or phrases commonly used in subject lines can trigger spam filters. These include terms like “free,” “limited time offer,” “urgent,” and others that are often associated with spammy or promotional content. Using these words excessively or in a misleading context can increase the likelihood of your emails being flagged as spam.

Deceptive Practices: If your subject line promises something that the email content doesn’t deliver, recipients may perceive it as deceptive or misleading. This can lead to spam complaints and contribute to a higher spam rate.

Relevance: Spam filters assess the relevance of the subject line to the recipient’s interests and previous interactions with the sender. If the subject line is irrelevant or doesn’t match the recipient’s expectations, it may be flagged as spam.

Formatting: The formatting of the subject line, including excessive capitalization, special characters, or irregular spacing, can trigger spam filters. Maintaining a clean and professional subject line format can reduce the probability of your emails being marked as spam.

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