Spam Compliance | CAN-SPAM Policy Compliant

FrescoData adheres fully to spam compliance in its quest to serve and protect the interests of its customers. We are fully committed to serving our customers in a transparent and honest manner. All our email marketing services fully comply with the CAN-SPAM Act which prohibits the use of misleading or deceptive email headers and subject lines in all of our email marketing campaigns. We not only adhere to spam compliance policy but we also require all our customers to fully comply with the provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act.

We are CAN-SPAM Policy Compliant

As a market leader in the email marketing industry, FrescoData is fully committed to delivering high-quality and CAN-SPAM compliant email marketing services.FrescoData complies with the Spam laws in the following ways.

As much as we want to fast-track the marketing process, we here at FrescoData adhere fully to federal law regulating SPAM. FrescoData monitors all outbound email marketing lists and each marketing campaign to ensure that it complies fully with CAN-SPAM Act and the company’s Anti-Spam policy.

How FrescoData enforces compliance on a Global level

You’ve done your research and walked on proverbial eggshells to insure your message gets to the inbox of the right person, but sometimes that’s not even enough. No two countries are alike, and regions around the world are taking extra steps in many directions to protect their residents from the ever-increasing SPAM flood. This is great when referring to actual SPAM; however, where does that leave the vast array of legitimate marketers? A wide range of genuine offerings are being trashed or blocked because of laws varying by country.

Some countries have enacted software to block messages with certain SPAM –like characteristics, and some are willing to let the messages come through just to take it all the way to prosecution. Doing your due diligence will help you avoid the dreaded junk-mail folder, getting slapped with fines, and even ruining your company’s reputation. With policies being consistently implemented and updated, it is important to know your target country’s laws and do your best to follow them when sending any type of marketing communication.

Below are some policy highlights from various countries just to give an idea of the different quirks to look out for. Before marketing to any country, however, it is highly recommended that you fully learn their policies to avoid the pitfalls of being marked as a spammer.





FrescoData has a proven track record of offering an opt-in database of fresh, highly-responsive contacts in various countries around the world. ALL of our lists are compliant with their corresponding country’s policies, and we offer an accuracy guarantee.