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Month: October 2012

How to communicate and connect with the key decision makers?

Different decision makers are involved in any kind of project. Knowing who key decision makers are as well as their responsibilities certainly helps you start building support and targeting your
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How to identify and buy key decision makers list?

And there it is, a big company. Working as a seller you start thinking who should you call there especially when you do not know anyone working in its account.
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The perfect world of 100% pure & fresh sales leads. Does it exist?

These days internet companies employ a two-stage approach to their promotional activities. Firstly, they lure potential customers to their website through advertising. Secondly, companies generate both sales transaction and fresh
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Why is lead generation or data sourcing considered as a key step to a successful sales cycle?

Telemarketing lead generation is widely used to maintain the competition. The popular statement saying that lead generation businesses bring in potential clients is not an exaggeration as in fact lead
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How does data quality improve by migrating to cloud?

More and more companies decide to move their application to Cloud, but they should keep in mind that while data is migrating it is also a way to improve data
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Is It A Good Idea To Buy Leads Online?

Everyone is talking about leads these days. And while the conversion is continuing you can hear those incredibly popular questions like: how to generate leads, how can one get more
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How To Build An Ultimate Contact Email List That Brings Best Business?

Maybe you do not remember those times, but not so long time, of course relatively, secretaries were responsible for putting most important contact data in Rolodex. Then computer times started
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