100% pure & fresh sales leads

These days internet companies employ a two-stage approach to their promotional activities. Firstly, they lure potential customers to their website through advertising. Secondly, companies generate both sales transaction and fresh sales leads through their websites.

Comprehensive assessment of the promotional performance of fresh sales leads online, companies need the study of these two aforementioned stages. This article aims at presenting a joint two-stage, both conceptual and econometric, model for assessing website promotion on three following dimensions:

  • How to measure advertising response by linking media schedules to website log files
  • How do website advertising and website characteristics affect the desired outcome of the promotion
  • Is the joint investigation of advertising response and desired system outcome essential to assess the result of the implemented website promotion

We should remember that both advertising and website characteristic affect the performance of leads. Buying Pure and Fresh sales leads can be affected directly and indirectly, or both. In addition, evaluating advertising efficiency in an Internet environment does not require expensive survey research data. Secondary data available from website logs may be used for such an evaluation. And last but not least, keep in mind that the interactions between first and second stages of the model can lead to some misspecifications and therefore to misleading inferences. That happens because of unobserved characteristics, yet buying pure and fresh sales leads might be correlated.

We reckon buying fresh sales leads from trusted email list companies that have a global database containing accurate, up-to-date contacts to boost conversion rates.

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