How to communicate and connect with the key decision makers?

connect with the key decision makers

Different decision makers are involved in any kind of project. Knowing who key decision makers are as well as their responsibilities certainly helps you start building support and targeting your business case.

One should keep in mind that everyone in a company has a specific role to play in delivering on business goals. The specialization of both functions and tasks means that responsibilities and priorities of one key decision maker might be different from those of second one. Two things, understanding who key decision makers are as well as how to get them involved in a project, are essential to get support and resources.

You need to tailor style of the communication to each individual key decision maker, his role in the organization, and interests as well as the understanding of issue. Remember not to not use overly technical language or jargon so the confusion does not occur. Modify the language which you are using while talking with the decision key maker, tailor it to the particular interests and needs as well. Successful conversation with decision key makers will result in raising their awareness and building support for your projects. Doing some initial research and then testing it in the early phase of the process probably will bring you essential information on what you should focus on and what kind of concerns should be responded by you.

Remember that for each business case proposal you will probably need different key decision makers. Everything depends on the type of a project and on few other details, including whether a project needs financial support or ‘buy in’. The best way of achieving your goals is to develop a clear strategy that includes relevant and evidence-based data as well as information to support your case.

But you should also remember about a few more things while communicating with key decision makers:

  • Key decision makers need to understand how your project/case might help them achieve their goals. It is important to keep them updated on progress of a project as well as show them how your project might help them meet their objectives. Do not forget to use your relationships to get to know and get the support of other key decision makers.
  • While talking to the personnel that may not be directly interested in your project use both internal and external drivers to explain and discuss the case.
  • In the case you cannot speak to key decision makers one-on-one just find other opportunities to introduce a project such as management meetings, buy specialized lists from FrescoData etc.
  • Use the proper language.
  • Review the consultation process which you have undertaken while developing a project of yours.
  • Remember to include in your discussion on the project:
    • clear messages and questions; do not forget to mention evidence-based data if you have it.
    • the description of your project as well as benefits and risks that should be considered.
    • questions regarding any recent successful proposals that you might view to improve your project.

Last but not least, you should keep in mind the importance of involving key decision makers. Try not to use too much of their time. Consider preparing workshops and then having a single meeting with the key decision makers altogether in one room as it will allow you to quickly review and prioritize the project. Involve key decision makers at the early stage of a project and in the decision-making process to raise their awareness and gain buy-in and support from senior site management before a business case is fully developed.

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