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Data-Driven Marketing

Experience the power of ROI when data and digital combine.

Utilizing the power of consumer and business contact data, FrescoData offers end-to-end marketing solutions so clients can build reputable brands. Our proven strategies help clients generate sales lead lists that keep their sales team calendars booked.

Data Driven Marketing Agency

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Projecting number is easy. Achieving results is not.

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Consumer Data

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Business Data


Powering Exceptional Marketing Experiences Globally with Target Business and Consumer Data.

Access extensive global coverage from a data powerhouse with over a decade of experience. FrescoData is one of the few global data compilers and a trusted source in the industry. We work closely with high-quality sources from all over the world to deliver the best data and services to our clients.

At FrescoData, we believe that a customized approach provides optimal results for our clients. An experienced team of consultants will tailor marketing campaigns to each client’s brand and customer needs. FrescoData offers start-to-finish planning to help clients analyze, segment, design and implement each strategy with measurable results.

We use accurate and targeted lists to create strong campaigns for clients that deliver higher ROI. Our email deliverability rate is 99%. FrescoData is at the forefront of email compliance for all campaigns. We ensure that our email practices are continuously updating to match the changing data landscape.

Direct Mail is still a relevant and highly-successful marketing tool in the digital age. FrescoData is here to help you reach new customers or fortify existing customer relationships. Our goal is to help you engage your customer base and build brand awareness.

Improve your company’s reputation and campaign results by cleansing your data regularly to guarantee accuracy. Data cleansing will help you save money on wasted marketing efforts, making sure that you confidently reach your target audience. This solution includes email validation, customer data accuracy verification, phone and postal cleansing, geocoding, etc.

Pair data with strategies to help target audiences, effectively communicate across multiple channels and generate a greater reach with FrescoData. With highly-targeted email campaigns and various omnichannel campaigns, clients experience the highest performance rates regardless of their industry. Investing in campaigns dramatically increases ROI with a few short emails over time.

To provide accurate and high-quality customer data, FrescoData offers a comprehensive suite of data validation services, such as data cleansing, standardization, verification and de-duping. We strive to utilize and provide accurate, high-quality data that is consistent and will prevent data loss.

FrescoData’s team of consultants can create unique digital campaigns across multiple channels with strong data. We provide digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Social Media and many more. Combine powerful data and digital marketing to extend your reach and exceed your goals with us.

Don’t have an inhouse creative team? Don’t worry. We can create unique and impressive graphics and marketing creatives for you. FrescoData has a skilled team of experts to help you create the right designs for a successful campaign.

Global Data

FrescoData has access to high-quality business and consumer lists in 60+ countries worldwide. We maintain global databases from trusted opt-in only sources.

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Our Data: B2B Demographics

Reach over 100+ million business professionals with targeted marketing.
The information you can use to target business professionals includes:


Job Roles

FrescoData provides precise targeting in a wide variety of industries to ensure that you reach only the most qualified professionals. We can pinpoint executives not only by industry but also region, company size, sales revenue and more.


FrescoData uses a list of relevant criteria to help clients find the best data to fit their marketing needs. The criteria we use creates tailored lists to enhance client campaigns and provide a cost-effective solution.


Response-Generated Lists

Very unique, highly-responsive and custom designed mailing lists and email lists. Perfect for your niche products and services.


FrescoData offers exclusive access to opt-in responders from various direct marketing offers such as active magazine subscribers, association members, trade show attendees, catalog buyers and free information requesters. Using these specialty lists guarantees reader-updated contact information from a vast and diverse business audience. 

Our Data: B2C Demographics

Reach Over 3B+ Consumer Contacts

Reach over 3B+  consumer contacts with targeted marketing. The information you can use to target consumers includes:


The Strategy

Our consultants are here to help you strategize, curate tailored lists, carefully craft communication and focus on marketing objectives to make sure your campaign is set up to get the best ROI.

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Strategy Planning

Our consultants are here to help you strategize, curate tailored lists, carefully craft communication and focus on marketing objectives to make sure your campaign is set up to get the best ROI.

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Campaign Optimization

FrescoData will continually monitor your email campaign by testing various deployment methods, such as A/B split testing, to increase conversion and deliverability rates, maximize your results and generate more leads.

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Cadence Planning

FrescoData has a dedicated team to manage each email campaign. Let us help you plan optimal times to deploy emails to reach and effectively communicate with your target audience. We can analyze performance, increase deliverability rates and maximize results.

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Monthly Monitoring

We provide personalized performance consultations to clients, ensuring that they get the best value from each campaign. Our goal is to provide feedback and support with reports so clients see how and where they are meeting their target audience.

Our Promise

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Verified Contacts

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Inbox Deliverability

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ethically-Sourced Data/Compliance

All of our data is ethically sourced and is compliant with all international laws.

Global Data Governance

Our team works diligently to maintain the privacy, security and integrity of the data we use. We ensure that our clients only receive secure, high-quality data.

Global Data Compliance

At FrescoData, we comply with all data policies for each region we serve. We work diligently to maintain full compliance with GDPR, CCPA and others.

SPAM Compliance

FrescoData adheres fully to SPAM compliance in its quest to serve and protect the interests of its customers. We are fully committed to serving our customers in a transparent and honest manner.


Industry Solutions

We provide ground-breaking industry solutions to help our clients stay competitive in today’s market. Whether it is email marketing or enhancing your online presence, FrescoData is your one-stop shop for all things marketing.

Higher Education

Engage prospective students looking for your programs and career services.


Case Study:

How We Helped New York University

Our Higher Education client utilized FrescoData’s robust global data to identify targeted lists intended for reaching a new market and promoting its professional programs. The institution’s goal for the campaign was to not only create brand awareness in a new market but also to attract prospective students to enroll.

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