Data Validation

Data validation is a crucial business process for improving the efficiency of your internal data. Data isn’t always accurate at its capture point. Where it is, over time, data fields can change and need verification of address, telephone, email, company revenues, employee size, and whether a company remains active or has ceased to exist. We recommend re-validation every 6 months to protect your reputation as a business and improve your communication and decision-making.

We use multiple data validation techniques, termed internally as “data validation rules,” to check that contact information on your database is accurate so that you can confidently apply that data in your business processes and marketing campaigns.

Data Validation Service | Frescodata

With access to data from over 60 countries, over 1 billion+ updated consumers on file and close to 100 million verified business contacts, FrescoData can help you validate:

  • Email addresses
  • Full Postal addresses
  • Contact Names
  • Mobile/Telephone numbers
  • Age/Date of Birth
  • Current Company
  • Job Roles and Titles, etc.

Features of FrescoData Validation Services

  • Multi-channel Contact Data Validation
  • Real-time Mobile/Telephone Validation
  • Bulk Data Validation
  • Personalized Validation Levels
  • Multiple Data Source Validation
  • Instantaneous Error Detection

FrescoData has perfected the art of data validation by using advanced data validation techniques, which include importing the client data (now up to 2 TB capacity) into the system and verifying the following:

  • Data corruption
  • Data integrity
  • Alpha-numeric identifiers
  • Consistency checks
  • Data format validity
  • Name and address validity checks

The best thing about FrescoData data validation services is that we can do it swiftly without unnecessary upgrades. Plus, all our data validation is executed in real-time and independently using proven methods of the highest standard in the data industry.


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