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Tag: Direct Mail

Why You Should Prefer Direct Mail Marketing?

While technology has transformed the direct marketing industry, email marketing has not replaced direct mail marketing. In fact, direct mail has improved in many ways due to web technologies. Even
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Email Marketing: What is Off-Email Multiplier?

In a business world fixated on increasing more customer intelligence, you would imagine that email marketing would get more respect. However, if you look at the media spending, businesses are
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Is Direct Mail Marketing Effective For Mortgage Professionals?

Direct mail is giving professionals a cost effective way to send mails with personalized messages that are action-oriented to key target segments. The rumors of direct mail’s death have been
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Direct Mail Marketing secrets that you should know

Direct mail is one of the most important elements of marketing even in this era of commerce. It’s profitable and helps bring direct revenue in companies that want to try
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Find Direct Mail Advantages and Disadvantages

Direct marketing is a form of marketing that is all about sending the right message to the intended target audience. With that being said, any medium can be used to
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