Direct Mail Marketing secrets that you should know

Direct mail is one of the most important elements of marketing even in this era of commerce. It’s profitable and helps bring direct revenue in companies that want to try out other mediums of marketing rather than just digital marketing. It’s especially profitable for industries such as clothing, food, jewelry and gadgets. One of the basic rules of direct mail marketing is that, business should always include unique offers in their campaigns.

Direct Mail Marketing Secrets that you should know
Direct Mail Marketing Secrets that you should know

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Direct mail marketing is the most reliable way to reach out to affluent business leaders and executives. A direct mail can bring smiles on the faces of customers who receive every piece of marketing in the virtual inbox.

Below are some of the top secrets of direct mail marketing that can make your marketing material more appealing in the eyes of the customers.


The fundamental objective of a direct mail campaign is to make sure your envelope is opened and read. Companies that have conducted hundreds of direct mail campaigns have found that envelopes with a chunky object inside have a near 100 percent open rate. Target audience gets curious to find out what’s inside, which leads them to opening it.

One should make sure that the direct mail is personal, interesting and relevant to the recipient.


Customers find paper direct mails to be a huge nuisance. Businesses should try including product samples, so that it transforms from a mere piece of paper to a valuable trial tool. A lot of companies today create product samples. In fact, it is widely followed in fragrance and makeup industries today. The basic goal behind such strategy is to integrate interactive programs which can help increase ROI and customer engagement.


Learn more about your customers’ preferences, likes and interests and communicate with them in what seems agreeable. Data such as customer buying behavior, demographics and buying preferences can be used in order to segmented direct mail lists and personalize the marketing content accordingly. This will help boost sales and make maximum use of the purchased direct mail list.


Today’s customers are clever. They can tell the difference between mass-mailed envelopes and personalized ones. In order to ensure more open-rates, try using stamps instead of opting for metered mail. Second, make sure you use fonts that look like handwriting instead of computerized text to make it look like it came from a real person and not a machine.


A lot of direct mail envelopes are thrown away as junk mail in the trash. In order to ensure that your direct mail stands out in the crowed, you will need to add some real value that exceeds your brand message. Using techniques such as folds or punch-outs and curated content, you can create creative or witty copies of direct mail.

Direct mail is not going away. It may not be hip and happening, but it sure is a highly profitable and an effective means of marketing even today.

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