While technology has transformed the direct marketing industry, email marketing has not replaced direct mail marketing. In fact, direct mail has improved in many ways due to web technologies. Even now, direct mail marketing remains the best option for generating leads and it can support or enhance online marketing.

Should Prefer Direct Mail Marketing



No Issue Surrounding Overloaded Inbox

When you’re sending newsletters, catalogues, etc. in the form of emails, chances are high that individuals will delete it before looking at it due to an overloaded inbox. While many may also toss the physical direct mail pieces away, statistics show a strong preference remains for direct mail marketing. According to a study by Epsilon, 77% of customers check their physical mail, whether it may be a newsletter or catalog, as soon as they receive it. U.S. Postal Service’s data shows that 98% of individuals check their physical mail daily. This means a better opportunity for your marketing mail to get read.

Deliver Your Message with a Personal Touch

In the current era of multitasking, heavy computer users are the most distracted. And this is one of the main reasons why unsolicited emails sent by you receive very little attention. Direct mail marketing, on the other hand, is all about communicating directly with your prospects. It offers you an opportunity to step directly into the lives of your prospects as soon as they open your mail. A strong direct mail piece remains highly effective.

Impressive piece of Direct Mail

When you’re using direct mail marketing, you definitely have impressive options to attract your clients. It offers the opportunity to be much more attractive and exciting than a simple email. Of course, it’s not always necessary, but it’s good to have various options. A lot of individuals have built-in hints about their preferences, which encourages them to open an email. For instance, a few may prefer colored envelopes while there are some who have a thing for beautiful handwritten fonts. You can use such cues to make your mail piece more appealing.

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