Find Direct Mail Advantages and Disadvantages

Direct marketing is a form of marketing that is all about sending the right message to the intended target audience. With that being said, any medium can be used to communicate with a customer but the most commonly used medium for direct marketing is direct mail. If you are wondering whether it is a viable option for your next marketing campaign.

Find Direct Mail Advantages and Disadvantages

Digital Mail Marketing- Pros and Cons

Let’s consider the following advantages and disadvantages:


    • Direct mail advertising is the perfect medium to target an exact or specific individual or customer base.
    • The medium can be customized and personalized accordingly, based on your previous experiences to maximize results.
    • Considering its direct response nature, it allows you to test and vary your approach to obtain optimal results.
    • Any and all responses can be stored to your database for future references. This enables you to target your audience in a better way.
    • Direct mail is the perfect tool to deliver a variety of materials for an overall campaign promotion.


  • It goes without saying that such an approach can cost you thousands of dollars and is more expensive than any other mass promotion tool available out there.
  • Initially, you will have to suffer in terms of quality as the mailing list will not be up to your expectations. There will be old addresses and several duplicate names which will prevent you from extending your reach. Moreover, they are expensive to update and you may end up offending potential customers who may not want to do business with you in the future.
  • The medium is not sophisticated as it may seem and is less effective than other mediums.
  • If an individual opts out of your email database, you will not be able to send new offers or content on their email address.

After reviewing these factors, you should now be able to make an informed decision based on your objectives. You will also be able to assess whether it is a viable solution for you depending on the resources you are willing to spend. Even though the medium has a poor image and is considered junk mail, you can buy verified mailing lists from companies like FrescoData to yield optimum results.

But it is important for you to plan an effective strategy which incorporates all key elements required for a successful marketing campaign.

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