Big Data

Big Data Analytics helps you extract data intelligence and to use those actionable insights to: redefine marketing and business opportunities, improve sales and profits, make better business decisions and retain a competitive advantage. Using the latest technologies, FrescoData offers timely and cost-effective global business data analytics to all business sizes across all sectors through hybrid, customized approaches.

Our team consists of computational scientists, system researchers and business analysts can help turn business setbacks into business opportunities utilizing locally and cloud data accumulated from social More and more organizations are striving to stay competitive by understanding consumer behavior better – and understandably so.

The evolution of the business world makes it necessary for all of us to dig deeper into the data we have and recognize its true value. The good news is that data is being mined from seemingly every corner of the globe to help you with insights and business intelligence that are very much in demand.

As data becomes increasingly pervasive, however, a new challenge emerges. The abundance of data that was once welcomed is now so enormous, companies are finding themselves swimming in a sea of facts, figures and technical information while needing to translate it into something meaningful. Not only is data becoming more readily available, it is branching out into different types and sets that were once elusive. Furthermore, the frequency in which the data changes and is updated demands that new forms of data processing are absolutely necessary.

Deciphering The Data:

FrescoData’s big data services integrates, curates, analyzes and interprets multiple types and sets of data from various, widespread sources, including other large datasets, social media and web activity. We convert large volumes of difficult and dissimilar data into a smooth analysis to assist you in making the best decisions for your company’s marketing endeavors.

What We Do For You

Along with ad performance analytics and predictive analytics, FrescoData analyzes the following to help boost your ROI:

  • User Analytics – analyzes the total number of site visitors, both unique and returning, and analyze who the most active visitors are on the site.
  • Product Analytics – analyzes the most popular products, both purchased and placed in the online shopping cart.
  • Conversion Analytics -analyzes the number of visitors who pursued the site, added products to the cart and actually purchased products.

We give you the information you need to compete and stay ahead of the marketing game by monitoring and reporting trends and relationships between the complex webs of data, thus helping you generate a higher ROI. Increased market intelligence means increased ROI.



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