Data Licensing

FrescoData acknowledges the need to license data, and we work closely with enterprises to understand their licensing objectives. We offer large-scale databases in both the B2B and B2C sectors that are comprehensive. These can be licensed and installed within a client’s business premises.

FrescoData has a comprehensive database of over 1 billion consumers and 100 million business executives and professionals across 60 countries, some of which you can license and install within your servers if your corporate structure is to perform in-house verifications. Whether you plan to expand the products you’re offering, run various analytical campaigns, or execute mass email marketing campaigns, we guarantee that our data licensing services will give you the freedom and flexibility you need to handle and manage all your data effectively.

Our comprehensive data licensing solutions help you unlock the potential of targeted marketing, enhanced decision-making, and streamlined operations by harnessing the power of our data into your CRM. We specialize in providing top-tier consumer data, business data, and identity data tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries, job roles, and countries.

Seamlessly integrate our licensed data into your CRM system, empowering you to enrich customer profiles and gain a comprehensive 360-degree view. This integration not only enhances the effectiveness of your CRM but also ensures that your teams have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information, allowing for more informed decision-making and creating a solid foundation for successful customer engagement.

Consumer & Business Data Licensing FrescoData

Consumer Data Licensing

Unlock the potential of precise and effective marketing strategies with our consumer data licensing solutions. Dive deep into detailed demographics, preferences, and behaviors to craft personalized campaigns that resonate with your audience. Our rigorously validated and up-to-date consumer data ensures accuracy, relevance, and a thorough understanding of your customers, empowering you to build stronger connections and drive impactful interactions.

Business Data Licensing

Navigate the business landscape with confidence by leveraging our comprehensive business data licensing services. Whether you’re seeking industry-specific insights or a global perspective, our datasets cover a wide range of sectors. Identify key decision-makers, analyze market trends, and enhance your strategic decision-making process. Seamlessly integrate our business data into your CRM system to enrich customer profiles and drive business growth.

Identity Data Licensing

Elevate your business operations and decision-making with our Identity Data Licensing services, designed to provide precise and secure information about individuals, including employees and clients. Tailor your personalized engagement strategies by seamlessly integrating this meticulously curated identity data into your CRM system. Our commitment to compliance ensures that you navigate this wealth of information securely, allowing for the identification of key decision-makers and the establishment of trust. Transform identity data into a strategic asset, empowering your teams to cultivate stronger relationships, streamline operations, and make informed decisions with confidence.

Why Choose Our Data Licensing Services?

Unparalleled Accuracy and Relevance
Our data undergoes rigorous validation processes to ensure accuracy, relevance, and currency. Stay confident in the quality of the information you integrate into your CRM, enabling precise targeting and effective engagement strategies.

Customized Solutions for Every Industry
We understand that different industries have distinct data requirements. Our extensive datasets cover a wide range of sectors, allowing you to access industry-specific insights crucial for making informed business decisions.

Global Reach, Local Expertise
Whether your business operates locally or globally, our database licensing services provide you with a vast array of options. Tailor your data selection to specific countries, regions, or even job roles to create a finely tuned approach that resonates with your target audience.

Enhanced Customer Segmentation
Break down your customer base into finely tuned segments with our detailed consumer and business data. Identify key demographics, preferences, and behaviors to craft personalized marketing campaigns that truly connect with your audience.

Boost CRM Effectiveness
Seamlessly integrate our licensed data into your CRM system to enrich customer profiles. Gain a 360-degree view of your customers, allowing your team to foster stronger relationships, anticipate needs, and drive more impactful interactions.

Compliance and Security
Our commitment to data privacy and security is unwavering. Rest easy knowing that our data licensing practices adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring compliance with regulations and safeguarding sensitive information.

How It Works

Explore Our Diverse Datasets
Browse through our extensive catalog of consumer data, business data, and identity data. Select the datasets that align with your business goals and target audience. Or talk to our team of experts & get a customized database based on your needs.

Licensing Options
Choose a licensing model that suits your needs, whether it’s a one-time license or a subscription-based arrangement. We offer flexible solutions to accommodate your unique requirements.

Seamless Integration
Easily import the licensed data into your CRM system. Our team is here to provide support and guidance throughout the integration process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

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