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Programmatic marketing


All our programmatic campaigns are served cross-device. Our priority is making sure your ads are seen, so we run a test on campaigns before scaling them to ensure that the content and context in which your ads are served ensure brand safety, which is especially important to FrescoData.


Our advertising is directly tied in with programmatic TV. This connection is becoming more important, as it has been predicted that 82% of households will cut off their cable and satellite services in the next two years. Even if these changes are marginally true, connected TV and OTT will be increasingly more important advertising channels. With this new trend, our advertising ties into these platforms as seamlessly as traditional online advertising. Additionally, with more families turning to tv and video over the Internet, it will be critical for advertisers to reach consumers that aren’t responsive through email or display.


We offer audio targeting to deliver non-skippable, brand-safe audio advertising. Some of the platforms we distribute include Spotify and Pandora.


We can also deliver programmatic native ads to the same audience selected for the rest of your campaign (email/direct/programmatic display). These ads are automatically distributed to your target audiences when they visit any of the millions of premium publishers like ESPN, CNN, FOX and retailer websites or apps.


With programmatic social, we can create a custom audience by selecting by household income, property values, or other attributes that cannot target selection directly inside Facebook or Instagram and push that segment into our clients’ social ad accounts. They select the custom segment  and get charged when they deliver ads. Or we can fully manage our clients’ campaigns directly within their social media accounts.


Semantic Audiences is an intent-based segmentation technique that can ingest hundreds or thousands of “triggers” across any website. We select five to seven most salient keywords relevant to our client to get a weighted keyword cloud.

Machine learning does all the work of pulling out the highest weighted keywords to find consistencies, and ultimately, a typical persona that we consider a custom segment. We push this custom segment to our DSP to select them to receive our client’s ads.

Semantic Audiences is available in most international countries.


DID targeting has more granularity with reporting and additional audience insight reporting. We put a virtual polygon around specific locations or businesses, and we can look back at all of the devices found there historically. We can go back as recently as five days ago or as far back as 12 months ago.


Microproximity takes the device ID and location-based technology and puts it into real-time. It is real-time geofencing and latitude and longitude to target customers nearby at a specific point in time. 

MicroProximity targeting or as it is generally referred to, geofencing allows advertisers to target consumers with incredible accuracy. MicroProximity utilizes the geo coordinates of the consumer through their mobile device, which means that advertisers can serve up their ads at critical points in their buying process. With traditional mobile advertising, ads are far less focused and can only target customers to about 1 mile away. This means that when fans are existing a stadium where their game just ended, ads can be served to them for the local bar across the street.


Every client at our company is assigned a dedicated and experienced campaign management team who are all AdWords and Bing certified professionals to ensure ongoing optimization and goal achievement. Our PPC campaigns are powerful because they can track conversions and track ROI. We track all applicable conversions through a Universal Pixel.


We target a list of physical addresses that we would reverse engineer by appending into our DSP (demand-side platform, where we manage automated ad bidding)to serve ads to those connected to that LAN (local area network).


We deliver an incredibly unique Local SEO product by implementing strategies that focus on all ranking factors within the Local SEO algorithm throughout the year.

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