Integrated Digital Marketing has its own market share in today’s robust new-media age where digital tools and technologies keep buzzing. Our innovative and streamlined CRM approach is the core fundamental of branding using tools that work best for our clients.

As a Digital Marketing service provider, we help customers discover marketing opportunities that integrate assorted digital channels such as – websites, social media, email, display advertising and a lot more.

Our widespread portfolio of solutions help clients integrate with our data, making them the ultimate community building tools

Email Marketing

Executing email marketing using best practices along with engaging and helpful content can transform businesses. We help you conduct effective email marketing solutions like calendar campaigns, branding campaigns, newsletters, product launches, awareness campaigns and overall advertisement of products and services.

Search Marketing

70% of the links appearing on a search engine are organic. Here at FrescoData we believe that optimizing keywords and content is the nucleus of a booming Digital Marketing Strategy.

Cost Effective Media

Our display advertising campaign stands out due to its unique creative standpoint. We make certain that we procure directly from publishers and networks to make best use of advertising in a cost-effective mode. Driven by target-specific data, it ensures augmented conversion rates of display ads.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile marketing in the front end of mobile advertising with SMS marketing campaigns, app marketing, push, and email campaigns. We help you develop mobile marketing by integrating an interactive and responsive mobile version making optimal utilization of a customized and innovative CRM strategy.

Going Social

Social Media is as powerful as word-of-mouth. We help clients successfully accomplish strategic social media campaigns across the varied landscape of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms. By investing your time and resources precisely, we create a SRM strategy reaching prospects and clients. Our Social CRM approach maximizes their appeal, leveraging them as community building tools for you.