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Month: May 2014

Is Email Marketing Powerful Than Social Media?

In today’s scenario there is a hype about social media and many tend to think that social media marketing will help them get the crown as everybody today is either
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How to Segment your Mailing List for Better ROI

Mass mailing or bulk mailing causes one of the major setbacks in the mind of the viewers who are not correlated or the intended target to the subject of your
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8 Reasons Your Business Should Go For Email Marketing Today

Efficient marketing is a key ingredient for your success platter. In order to get this element right you need to follow many channels. One of these channels is e-marketing. Email
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Effective Direct Mail Marketing Strategies For Marketers

Direct mail marketing allows you to reach customer in extensively personalized manner. You can also call this ‘target mailing’ as this approach is more useful for targeted database. Most of
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How to Get Best Out Of Your Email Marketing List – 5 Must Know Tips!

In current scenario of market sales, more and more number of customers are buying online than ever before. One of the most effective and well known online marketing strategies is
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3 Killer Tips to Maximize Your Email marketing Success!

Email marketing is an essential field of web marketing from many years now. It helps companies to build relations, engage with their consumers and build a profit at the same
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Constructing Effective Targeted Email List: Guidelines

Email marketing is a very reliable, effective and economical way to get you a customer database for your products and services. Although getting a specific and quality email list which
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