3 Killer Tips to Maximize Your Email marketing Success!

Email marketing is an essential field of web marketing from many years now. It helps companies to build relations, engage with their consumers and build a profit at the same time. Through email marketing you get to connect with your consumers directly which helps companies by giving it authority and incept trust. Email marketing is all set to increase in the year of 2014 with the emails that are receptive on mobile phones as 2.4 billion people are estimated to switching on to mobile e-mail by 2016.

Email marketing - Essential Tips

Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a trouble-free way to get to the consumers who have already purchased from you once and are thus getting a strong and loyal customer record.

Let us go through some of the shortcomings where probably your email marketing list is bound to fall short.

Primary agenda should be of stopping your email list from going to spam because if you can’t get the user to open your mail and read it, then your company is in a definite descends.

How to save your email list from going into spam.

It is apparent that we don’t see each and every mail that we get unless we find something beneficial, personalized or appealing. Subject lines are very crucial. In this case unless the client doesn’t feel that you are engaging them personally they will feel the part of “mass mail” and wouldn’t take a minute to delete mail as delete button is constantly hovering over.

While writing a subject line one constantly thinks is it too tacky? Too short? Too long? Will it bring out spam filters? Well if you keep it more personalized and avoid spammy words such as,

  • As seen on
  • All natural
  • Dig up dirt on your friend
  • Best price, bargain, free etc… you are near to safe.

While addressing, address the recipient with their first name that will create a sense of importance in users mind.

Don’t damage your IP address by doing all the above formidable things because once it is in black hole listing or spam friendly list your mails will directly go to spam without you even getting chance to do things the right way.

Second most important thing while looking for the email marketing list is to figure out the difference between genuine and fake.

How to get a quality email list.

Once you decide to buy an email marketing list there are generally three ways to get a list,

  1. Purchase a list.
  2. Rent a list.
  3. Go for opt-in list.
  1. Purchase a list.

Buying or purchasing a mailing list of customized consumers who you think have same taste and interest as of what your company is providing will help you save both -time and money on finding the target audience. Instead you can apply this saved amount on enlightening them with the necessary aspects of your company and engaging them in buying or shopping your products which will help your company’s profit margin and productivity.

  1. Rent a list.

Cost is the important factor here if you want your message to reach out in a better but cheaper way. You can work up with the audience who are email users 12 hours a day and have a better success rate.

  1. Opt-in list.

This is the most effective and promising type as the emails provided here are given directly by the user because they are interested in your company’s profile and product and have willingly asked to mail them the details, offers or newsletters of company.

The most important assignment for which we are going through all this safety measures and tips is how email marketing is going to help our business profit and expand.

How to take your company through the roof with email marketing.

Email marketing plays a huge role in every new or established company’s marketing strategy. Follow up on your promises and customer services which you promised them are a sure way of getting your company in customer’s good credit. Usage of the information and pictures available in the right way to deliver your message is an important key. It is an investment and one needs to be steady and patient for the sales to happen as there is a difference in the purchasing pattern of the new and old buyers. Key is to engage the consumer before they leave.

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