Direct mail marketing allows you to reach customer in extensively personalized manner. You can also call this ‘target mailing’ as this approach is more useful for targeted database. Most of the business owners prefer internet marketing nowadays but direct mailing is one of the more established and successful marketing campaigns for new businesses as this is referred to a particular database customers who are most likely to respond positively.

Effective Direct Mail Marketing Strategies For Marketers

Direct Mail Marketing Ideas

Direct mail marketing is an old and tested method hence is trusted more by investors even in today’s internet driven world. To stand out in the crowd you need to emphasize attention on the area of making your direct mail marketing campaign more innovative, surprising and unique and for doing so here are some pointers on which you can work.

Targeting the Audience

If you are blankly spending fortune on your direct mail marketing campaign and trying to cover the whole universe of customers, you are simply going to wash out on the marketing front. Find out your target audience. Send them tailored mails to reach out on more personal level. Have your goals and priorities set straight before designing your content for your audience. Remind your existing customers of your presence and convince them that you still have many useful things to offer them. Introduce your business or product with special offers or discounts to the new and prospective customers.

Budget Friendly

In today’s world even the most successful investors think on saving budget hence the goal of keeping the cost relatively low can be achieved by direct mail marketing. You can rent a list as a first timer from a reliable marketing vendor which is relatively cheaper than buying the list and see the response your product is getting based on which you can buy a list investing more money, which will be retrieved in the long run. You can recycle or use same mailer for bulk mailing. You can create your own flyers having your company information on it by using software’s available online which is quite easy and saving you the cost of hiring a designer.

All you have to decide is timing and perfect spot or neighborhood to hand out this flyers in order to get maximum response and sales. Using colored postcards is cheaper than the envelop letters. Also you can design more innovative and little extravagant method to send out the mail to the real valued customer where you are sure of getting good ROI and building customer loyalty.

Be Real

Once you are sending out mails in more physical manner you need to be present for them in real world if they want to reach out to you in personal way, so instead of providing with ghost street addresses, hand them real addresses as return address and provide them with toll free number to solve their queries. Be honest about what you are selling and whether your service or product will be beneficial to them in any way instead of luring them into fake promises which eventually be found out by them thus ruining your brand image. If you are going to keep customer data only restricted to yourself then well and good but if you are going to share this information to any of your considered partners then be open about it in your privacy policies and give them an option to Unsubscribe if they are not comfortable with the arrangement but don’t leave them felling betrayed.

Quality Mails

Make sure that your brochure, flyer or leaflet doesn’t end up as grocery list or to do’s list in customer’s hand. Instead send them with a useful content which they can use for any other purpose like Table calendar or New Year’s resolution sheet with your business information or product logo on it thus being in constant sight of your customer. If you are sending them envelop brochures first task is of getting your mail opened. You can create a mystery or element of surprise by putting small product sample or discount cards inside. It is established from the survey that envelops having something inside have 100% opening rate out of curiosity. Customer will surely take into account your efforts of providing them with something valuable for free and respond to you in more positive way.

Direct mail marketing can help you convert many of your potential customers into brand loyal if done right with high amount of ROI. Your mail can work as a small but effective sales person if the balance between content, creativity, and cost is properly maintained.

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