Is Email Marketing Powerful Than Social Media?

In today’s scenario there is a hype about social media and many tend to think that social media marketing will help them get the crown as everybody today is either on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media sites. But facts speak quite different than this belief. Email marketing holds the 1st position amongst the list of successful marketing strategies. 90% of all internet users either read or send email while 60% of them have social media profile.

Email Marketing Vs Social Media
Email: More personal medium

We think that Facebook is more personal. While using Facebook as marketing tool we tend to forget that people can easily fail to spot you on their timeline from hundreds as they come to Facebook for spending leisure time with their friends, chat, watch a new trending video or play Texas poker. There is more touchy feel or say emotional link to Facebook where people don’t have business on their minds nor do they visit this site to buy stuff.

On other hand email is used more for getting business details, updates, newsletters, offers from the deals they are interested in investing their time and money and getting some profit out of it. So this is ideal place for getting your company noticed. Customer will at least have to read your name once to decide whether to delete it or keep it in their list so that they can come back to you later.

Professional will prefer mailing option over social media for one to one conversation. Here you address your recipient with their first name which brings the sense of value in them unlike updating a status for all to see.

Numbers Speak: Email intensified than social media

Email users are three times more in number than Facebook and Twitter combined which is striking 3.6 billion and estimated to go high up to 4.6 billion by 2016, so you can guesstimate that EVERYBODY IS NOT ON FACEBOOK. Facebook and Twitter activity make up to just 0.2% of the daily emails sent which is 163 billion. It is factually proven that emailing is number 1 activity of people on their smartphones. About 40% of total numbers of emails are viewed from phones amongst which 64% of the potential customers use this facility from their mobile. So it is necessary to enhance your content of email accordingly.

Promotional emails to get your company noticed in horizontal market is also very important and including discount coupons or special offers for the customers if they became member of your site will get you started. 44% of the email users made at least one purchase last year based on these mails. So once you get the customer to use your service it is more likely that they will come back to you for more.

Everything considered email has domination over social media by many factors and facts.

Social media is preferred by fewer customers as business or debatable medium and view per customer can be very less. While email gets you more clicks as it provides more private, professional and transactional medium that is the reason that companies allot about 15% from their average marketing budget to email marketing whereas 8% to social media marketing.

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